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NOTICE:  By downloading any of these files you are hereby acknowledging agreement to properly credit the original designer(s) for their efforts should you release any reworks and/or paint-ups of these files.  In addition, you agree not to sell, package for sale, and/or distribute these files, or alterations thereof, for profit.  These source files may NOT be uploaded to any other web site without the permission of the author and/or Freeflight Design Shop.

These FDE's are only applicable to Freeflight Design Shop aircraft.

In the table below "Version" indicates the earliest version of Flight Simulator the aircraft is applicable. "5.X" indicates versions 5.0 through 2000.  "98" indicates FS98 through FS2000 and "2K" indicates only FS2000.  FS Design Studio aircraft will be indicated with a "DS".

FDE Files Version File Name Size Designer(s)


Airbus A300-600R 98 3,372 Sam Chin 13JUN99
Airbus A310-300 2K 32,768 M Karam/R Freimuth 30AUG00
Airbus A320-200 2K 4,047 Sam Chin 04FEB01
Airbus A330-200/-300 98 16,312 Sam Chin 13JUN99
Airbus A340-300 98 3,099 Sam Chin 13JUN99
Airbus A340-300 2K 4,833 Sam Chin 04FEB01
BAe J-41 Jetstream 98 8,192 Sam Chin 17OCT99
BAe-146-100A (RJ70) 2K 8,192 Sam Chin 16MAY00
BAe-146 200/300 98 7,201 Sam Chin 9MAY99
Boeing 707-320B 98 4,905 Sam Chin 9MAY99
Boeing 717-200 2K 91K San Chin 19AUG01
Boeing 727-200 98 186,064 Sam Chin 9MAY99
Boeing B727-200 FDE 2K 4,728 Sam Chin 20MAR01
Boeing 737-300 98 8,192 Sam Chin 17OCT99
Boeing 737-500 FDE 2K 7K Bob Boudin 23MAR01
Boeing 737-600/700/800 98 8,421 Sam Chin 13JUN99
Boeing 737-700 FDE 2K 7K Bob Boudin 23MAR01
Boeing 747-100/200/SP 98 10,258 Sam Chin 9MAY99
Boeing B747-100B 2K 4,252 Sam Chin 04FEB01
Boeing B747-200 2K 4,242 Sam Chin 04FEB01
Boeing B747-400 2K 744fdsc.ZIP 4,047 Sam Chin 04FEB01
Boeing 757-200 Rolls Royce Engines 98 3,835 Sam Chin 13JUN99
Boeing 757-200 (RR) FDE 2K 7K Bob Boudin 23MAR01
Boeing 767-200ER/300ER 98 16,384 Sam Chin 9MAY99
Boeing 777-IGW 98 4,743 Sam Chin 9MAY99
Bombardier CRJ-200LR 98 3,090 Sam Chin 13JUN99
Bombardier CRJ200
GE34-3B1 engines
2K 4,222 Sam Chin 04FEB01
Cessna 208 Caravan 98 24,576 Basil L. Copeland Jr. 25MAR00
Convair CV-580 v1 98 cv580v1 8,192 Sam Chin 25JUL99
deHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter 98 24,576 Basil L. Copeland Jr. 25MAR00
deHavilland Dash-7 98 24,576 Basil L. Copeland Jr. 25MAR00
Dornier 328 98 24,576 Basil L. Copeland Jr. 25MAR00
Douglas DC-9-30 v1 98 8,192 Sam Chin 25JUL99
Douglas DC-10-30 2K 8,192 Sam Chin 22APR00
Embraer 120 FDE 2K 139K Sam Chin 23MAR01
Embraer ERJ-145 98 3,107 Sam Chin 13JUN99
Embraer ERJ-145 2K 10,288 Sam Chin 19JAN01
Fokker F.28-100 98 4,872 Sam Chin 9MAY99
Fokker F.28-70 98 4,685 Sam Chin 9MAY99
Fokker F-100 2K 4,196 Sam Chin 04FEB01
Lockheed L-1011-385-1 98 8,710 Sam Chin 23JAN00
McDonnell Douglas DC10-10/15/30/40 98 12,372 Sam Chin 9MAY99
McDonnell Douglas MD-82 98 66,506 Sam Chin 23OCT99
McDonnell Douglas MD-82 2K 73,728 Sam Chin 31MAY00
Piper PA-31T-1A Cheyenne 98 6,964 Sam Chin 23JAN00

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