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Tom Gibson's California Classics Page
California Classics is devoted to the Microsoft Flight Simulator simulation of the
classic airliners flying in California, from the DC-3 to the final glory days of the
propliners (before the mid 1970's).

Guy Caron's The Captain's Quarters
This is the place for Northeast and Delta Air Lines FS aircraft!  Unparalleled
attention to detail and historical accuracy.  Also lots of articles, photos, etc.

Frank Safranek's Mirage Aircraft for Flight Simulator
This website will focus on Dassault Mirage aircraft for Microsoft Flight
Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator.
Ce site web est consacré à la famille des avions de combat Dassault
Mirage dans l'optique de Microsoft Flight Simulator et Combat Flight Simulator.

Frank Safranek's Pre-Flight Checklist
The Pre-Flight Checklist Website features aircraft and add-ons for Flight Simulator,
including the Pre-Flight Checklist software, award winning aircraft for download and
the Aircraft Pick of the Week.

Glenn's Flite-Site
Glenn Willumsen's FlightSim page with his own planes/panels and more than 400 links
to other FS sites.

Kevin Trinkle's PSA History Page
Kevin's incredible dedication to Pacific Southwest Airlines is something to behold!
He traces the history of PSA from the beginning to the 1988 takeover by USAir (now
US Airways).  Kevin also has some great work available for his FS aircraft & scenery.
A must visit!  Great job!

Massimo Taccoli's MaxTac's Aircrafts for MS FS2000 and CFS2
These sites are mainly dedicated to military aircraft, Italian and other, that flew in
Italy with badges of the Italian Military Air Force.

Classic Jets
Our sister site featuring jet aircraft developed from the Freeflight Design Shop source files.
These are aircraft that you can't find at your local airport!  If you have repainted a jetliner
or turboprop in pre-1980's livery and want us to post it, then send it to us via e-mail!

Michael Pickney's Wisconsin Flight Simulator Page
A great site by Michael featuring aircraft and scenery with a "Wisconsin" theme.
Visit it and see some of our aircraft!

Felix Rodriguez's aerodynamika flight simulator design resources
a collection of 3-views, and mostly references and links to other design sites.

Freeflight Design Shop Contributors

Historic Jetliners Group
The brainchild of Dee Waldron and Michael Verlin ... started out as the "DC-8 Project"

Mike Hill's Flight Sim World
Original aircraft, panels and design tips for free downloading!  Learn how to make your
own aircraft, paint them as you wish and take them Flying!  In other words, some great
tutorials.  As Mike states, "Let's go!".  A special thanks to Terry Hill (no relation), as well.

Remi Moreau's Flight Sim Web Site
One of our frequent contributor's, Remi has a web site where you can find repaints of his
aircraft.  Stop by and take a look at Remi's collection!
Another top FS site -- a huge file library with detailed descriptions, and an excellent site-search
feature!  AFX files available, too!

Camil Valiquette's CAMSIM
Camil not only builds large, and fully detailed airliners, but he also paints them!

Dan Parent's KC-10 homepage is the place for information on the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 &
KC-10 series.  Learn all about these incredible aircraft from the frame up, with information
and pictures you could only find in a maintenance hangar!

Michael's Flight Shop Hanger
Michael Gurezka's web site contains modern military jet aircraft.  He also has done a remake
of the Boeing 747-400.

Select Web Sites

The Scenery Hall of Fame
The name says it all, the very best add-on scenery for Flight Sim and ATP.  Tom Gregor, Sr. and
crew have done a fine job here.

Visual Approach
An interactive resource center devoted to aviation and flight simulation enthusiast.  Visual
Approach provides resources to numerous aviation and flight simulation areas.

Marco Balzarotti and Francesco Zoja's SimuFly
Formerly Cargo City.  Dedicated to cargo aircraft.  Currently includes aircraft from Africa,
and the America's.
One of the "major 3" flight simulation sites with aircarft, sceneries, panels, sounds,
design and flightsim utilities, plus great, active forums

Chan Ken's Aero Page
Some available AFX's for repainting or remaking.  Includes the L-1011, MD80 series and the
Boeing 737's, 747's and 767's.

Flight Simulator Nordic
Sami Puro's great Flight Sim site.  Adventures, panels, sounds, check lists, and scenery all
await you in the top Scandinavian FS website!  Also, read Sami's reviews.

The Russian Home Page
The Russian Home Page of MS Flight Simulator by Vadim Serebrenikoff.
Features Russian aircraft, panels and scenery of the former USSR.

David's Hangar - Flight Simulator Panel Factory Outlet
David Durst's web site where he designs gauges for turboprop aircraft and smaller twin and single
engine aircraft and David has a preference for aircraft with analog gauges compared to the glass
cockpit type aircraft.

Premier Aircraft Design
Barry Blaisdell's web site for turboprop, STOL and regional jets.  Some of the finest examples
of these aircraft that can be found anywhere.  Barry has included panels and sounds, too!

Aeromoe's U.S. Airline Fleets
Aeromoe's page is dedicated to the specific fleets of selected U.S. airlines.  Don't expect to
find most of your favorite commuters here - this page is specifically dedicated to those U.S. airlines
that have operated, at a minimum, at least one jet transport at least the size of a Fokker F-28.  Also
check out the rest of his website.

Flight Dynamics
Bill Roth's great page on one of the more important aspects of flight sim.

Tom Allensworth's web site which features a large data base and various sites.  A little of
everything for everyone.

CfgEdit is a freeware add-on to Flight Simulator for use in editing or creating panel.cfg files.

Virtual Airlines of Freeflight Design Shop Associates

This VA is dedicated to resurrecting the proud history of one of aviation's great airlines - Northeast!
They strive for historical accuracy, having launched their VA by replicating Northeast's original fleet
and route system as it existed on 1/1/60.  As they grow, they match Northeast's fleet and route
system changes as they grew, up to (and beyond) the arrival of their famous "Yellowbirds",
and the Delta takeover of 1972.  Join them!

Cyber Air VA
Cyber Air has been serving the VA community since 1994.  They offer hub cities from Munich to
Honolulu and aircraft from small props to wide body jets.  Plus, you have your choice of passenger
and cargo flights.  Check them out!

TradeWind Caribbean Airlines TCA
Six years and still strong.  Caribbean local, regional and charter services, International passenger
and cargo services, plus Alaska, Pacific, Mediterranean, Venezuelan, etc., local/regional divisions ...
As structured as you want, and you still get to lounge around our exclusive resorts...

Virtual Airline Repaint Services

They will paint your airplane the way you want.  From Cessna's to 747's.  Any color and size
within two weeks.

Select Aviation Photography Web Sites

Dr. Andy's Hub Airport
Great source for reference photo's.  The pictures are on a "rotation" basis; but,
Dr. Andy also handles requests.

This has to be one of the best sites for aviation photos.  Over 10,000 on-line!

Many great photo's of liviries old and new!  A must visit site.  If the names Republic,
Air Cal, Eastern, Eastern, Ozark and Piedmont mean anything to you, this is your place.

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