News and Updates from 2000...

29DEC00  Gary M Carlson posts an update of Kevin Trinlkle's Boeing 727-200 fsc in the fsds library.
18DEC00  Graham aka RPS_Viper, posts B29 and KI-45 FSDS source files, in the FSDS library.Ali Mujtaba posts an updated FS98 A330 in the jetliner library. A link to Joe Amodea's Multi-Res MDL build tutorial is in the tutorials library.
03DEC00  Graham aka RPS_Viper, posts an AH64, Catalina, and P40 FSDS source files, in the FSDS library.
21NOV00  Dave Eckert's tutorial about creating recessed gear wells and flush fitting doors gets posted to the tutorials page.
12NOV00  Kerry Gipe's Forum response on Animated Spoilerons is posted to the Tutorials page.
10NOV00  Dee Waldron's afx of the FS2K Convair is added to the Propliners page.
07NOV00  Richard Osborne's short tutorial on one way to overcome the afx to fsds conversion made its way from the Forum to the Tutorials page.
Another Forum posting - AA Motion Range Table by Felix Rodriguez also makes it to the Tutorials.
05NOV00  A link to the Project Freeware Group's posting of Brian Quayle's Aircraft Design Tutorial is now in the Tutorials page. Minor corrections and updates made to other references and links pages.
02NOV00  Penti Kurkinen provides a tutorial on virtual cockpit gauges, an "entry-level" tutorial on editing and making visual models with SCASM and AF99 (or forcing AF99 to work at gunpoint). 
Mikko Maliniemi provides the FSDS source files for his Pitts S-2 in the civilian and FSDS sections 
Tony Lonsdale does a repaint of a BAe146 in QANTAS livery - in the Repaints section.
30OCT00 Dana McGee brings us a turbine conversion of Tom Gibson's DC-7C.  Douglas had been contemplating the DC-7D before the success of the DC-8 and Boeing 707 was assured.
09SEP00 Ron Freimuth's "Setting Jet Air Transport AIR File Parameters" is a new addition in the Tutorials library, as are new resources for aircraft 3-views.  Ron Ackerly's post on Making spotlights with Paint Shop Pro is added to the Tutorials library.
03SEP00  Boeing 727-100 made with FSDS in the DS and jets libraries.
30AUG00 The FDE library has a new Airbus A310-300 FDE file for FS2K from M Karam/R Freimuth. Eisa Kaihlanen updates the Alderson ATR72 and the Simmelink MD-90-30 in the commuter and jets sections, respectively.
19AUG00 Mario Canovas has contributed a T-34C Turbo Mentor in FSDS format. Also, three new FSDS tutorials by Dave Eckert are uploaded "Shaping a Fuselage", "Shaping a Wing" and "Control Surfaces". Thanks to Mario and Dave!.
2JUL00 The Business section has an addition from Tyler Johnson for the Learjet-60. This is an update of the Learjet-35A by Terry Hill.
23JUN00 Gene Floyd provides the Douglas A-24 Dauntless (2K), Chris London has supplied a Gulfstream G-V (DS) which needs some more work and Frank Safranek  has put some "finish work" on the Cockpit Tutorial (2K). Each of these files are in the Military, Business and Tutorials sections, respectively. The G-V is also in the FSDS section, too. 

Thanks to Gene, Chris and Frank!

16JUN00 Bruce Bridges sent a corrected version of the Boeing 757-200 file which was uploaded on June 5. If you downloaded the previous version before the link was disconnected, please replace it with this file. Robert Berman has come up with the Hellcat F6F and David Eckert has created the Stearman Kaydet PT-13. The Boeing 757-200 is in the Jetliners section and the latter two aircraft are in the FSDS and Military sections. Thanks Bruce, Robert and David!.
13JUN00 Bruce Bridges has come up with some updates to the Boeing 737-400 and 757-200 and both of these are from Kim Simmelink and Bill Alderson originals, respectively. Dave Eckert has provided a "Cockpit Tutorial" and Felix Rodriguez has come up with another Resource! Also, Felix joins Freeflight Design Shop as a "Design Consultant" and we are sure you will learn some very great design techniques from Felix.
2JUN00 Michael Pickney has come up with another great looking aircraft with an Eastern 727-25 in the original "hockey stick" color scheme. Felix Rodriquez passes along another great resource for our design efforts and Dave Eckert has provided his tutorial on creating aircraft noses. Thanks to Michael, Felix and David in their contributions! 

Freeflight Design Shop has opened a Forum devoted to FLY! users. This is on an "experimental" basis to determine the popularity of this feature. We also will accept source files for FLY! aircraft and like FSDS aircraft they will be placed in their own section. The terms and conditions for FLY! aircraft are the same as for Microsoft's Flight Simulator. 


Boeing 727-25 by Michael Pickney. FS98 


Felix Rodriguez's 3-views and photo's. 


Nose_Tutorial by David Eckert. FS2000

31MAY00 From Sam Chin a new FDE for the FS2000 MD-82 Flight Model. A true FS2000 flight model, featuring autoland, a real Alaska Airlines MD-80 Series speedbook & modeled to a MD80 pilot's report. Made for two different popular airframes - Brian Quayle's and Bill Alderson's. And, from Peter Salzano a new resource for simmers - a great site with specs on many different planes. It also has a section on just engines! Thanks to Sam and Peter for these updates! 


MD-82 Flight Model by Sam Chin 


Federal Aviation Administration Type Certifiate Data Sheets. A Resource from Peter Salzano.

25MAY00 We have created a new area to enhance your Flight Sim design knowledge database. We have added a Resources area to the Tutorials section which are customer supplied resources that they use in their design research. The resources provided have not necessarily been reviewed by us, nor do they necessarily have our approval. Also, we know that the copyright requirements of the publishers of any document will be respected by our community. 

Esa Kaihlanen has passed along his update of Kim Simmelink's MD-80. The aircraft was derived from FS5.1 format and is now ready to go in FS98 or FS2000. Thanks, Esa! 


McDonnell Douglas MD-80. Original by Kim Simmelink, update by Esa Kaihlanen. FS98

19MAY00 Bruce Bridges has contributed two new aircraft and both are Boeing models. He has redone Kim Simmelink's 737-300 into a version for FS98/FS2000; and, Bill Alderson's 727-200 has been updated to FS98/FS2000 standards, too. Also, Bruce has passed along some repaints that we think you will enjoy - including an older Delta version - that compliments Michael Pickney's 727-95 repaint from several month's ago. 


Boeing 727-200. Original by Bill Alderson, update by Bruce Bridges. FS98
Boeing 737-300. Original by Kim Simmelink, update by Bruce Bridges. FS98

17MAY00 Dee Waldron has come up with a freight version of the DC-8-73 by Kim Simmelink and the FDE is done by Paul Nichols. With some minor rework, this aircraft could become a great passenger model to paint up in those old UAL and DAL colors! This aircraft is for FS2000 only. 


Douglas DC-8-73 Freight. Original by Kim Simmelink, update by Dee Waldron and a Paul Nichols FDE. FS2000

16MAY00 More arrivals at Freeflight! Sam Chin comes up with an update to the BAe-146-100 (RJ70) FDE file. Dana McGee has been busy with an update to Eric C. Johnson's Cessna Cardinal and has created an all new Volpar Centennial. Mike Crosthwaite provides his first aircraft to Freeflight, a North American P-51D Mustang created from FSDS. Thanks all, for your efforts, and it is appreciated! 


Cessna Cardinal 177RG. Original by Eric C. Johnson, update by Dana McGee. FS98 


Volpar Centennial. Original by Dana McGee. FS98 


BAe-146-100A (RJ70). Original by Sam Chin. FS2000 


North American P-51D Mustang. Original by Mike Crosthwaite. DS

10MAY00 FSC files from Louis Sinclair's Flight Simulator Design Shop have arrived! From Massimo Taccoli a Aeritalia/Lockheed F-104 is now available in the Military section and from Kevin Trinkle a Lockheed L-188 Electra II is available in the Propliners section. 

Frank Safranek has updated Bill Alderson's BAe 146-200 into the -100 (Avro RJ 70) model and Bruce Bridges is back with an update to Kim Simmelink's Boeing 737-500. The BAe 146 is for FS5.X and higher, while the Boeing 737 is for FS98 and higher. 

Don't forget that if you do any repaints of these aircraft we will be happy to post your work in the Repaint section. All you need to do is click on the Repaint section on the left side of our Title Bar and we'll take it from there! 


BAe 146-100. Update by Frank Safranek from the Bill Alderson original -200. FS5.X
Boeing 737-500. Update by Bruce Bridges from the Kim Simmelink original. FS98 


Aeritalia/Lockheed F-104. Original by Massimo Taccoli. FS2000 (DS). 


Lockheed L-188 Electra II. Original by Kevin Trinkle. FS2000 (DS).

22APR00 Sam Chin has come up with a new FDE for the DC-10-30. Please read his comments prior to using this file, please. Marco Rensen provides a tutorial which includes a detailed description of the procedure and example/lesson for adding night light effects to FS 2000 Aircraft. Marco also bypasses all hexediting on bgl/mdl files. Several new repaints have been placed in the Repaints section, too. 


DC-10-30 by Sam Chin 


Night Lighting by Marco Rensen
BGL/MDL Compiler

2APR00 Stew Clark has updated Oliver Weidlich's Dash 8 into the -8Q 400 model. Mike Clark has passed along two repaints of Bill Alderson's Boeing 737-300 and they are both in Freedom Air International livery. Thanks Stew and Mike! 


de Havilland Dash 8Q Series 400. Update by Stew Clark Original by Oliver Weidlich 


Boeing 737-300 Freedom Air International by Mike Clark

25MAR00 The latest update brings us three new aircraft from Dana McGee and Basil L. Copeland Jr. has some air files for turboprop aircraft. Our first repaints are available and have been supplied by Holger Ellerbrock and Michael Pickney. In our Tutorials section we have two very helpful guides. One is a tutorial on AD2000, one of the latest design tools to hit the market, and the other tutorial is an update by Kevin Trinkle on Pascal Linder's night lighting tutorial. Thanks, all! 

In the most recent improvement since our move earlier this month, uploads to Freeflight will now be available via our FTP page. Please read the instructions prior to posting your source files or repaints, thanks. 


Volpar Turbo18 by Dana McGee 


Saunders ST27 by Dana McGee
Volpar Turboliner by Dana McGee 


Cessna 208 Caravan by Basil L Copeland Jr.
Dornier 328
deHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter
deHavilland Dash-7 


Boeing 727-95 Delta by Michael Pickney
Boeing 757-300 Condor by Holger Ellerbrock 


AD(Aircraft Designer)2000 by Herve Devred and Michel Melchior.
AF99 Night Lighting. Kevin Trinkle's update on Pascal Linder's tutorial.

15MAR00 The Boeing 747 and 757 are featured in this update. Chris Shelly has redone Bill Alderson's Boeing 747-200 to use GE engines for FS98 and FS2000. Holger Ellerbock has redone Bill's 757 into the -200 and -300 series using Aircraft Animator and these are for FS98 and FS2000, also. 

Plus, Holger has supplied the first repaint for Freeflight. Holger's 757-300 is in Condor livery and this aircraft will be offered exclusively at Freeflight until April 15. 

Thanks, Holger and Chris - nice work!

14MAR00 Mike Hill has passed along the following to us: 

"Many of us will be sad to learn that after a long illness our friend, Allan Sage, died peacefully last Saturday evening. Allan saw active service as a navigator on Lancasters during the War, a former aircraft owner (Cessna 170), and in his later years was a strong supporter of the Flight Sim community and freely gave much of his time to model and beta testing for a variety of FS add-ons (at the time of his passing he was testing some new Canadian scenery for FS2000). He will be sadly missed." 

 The Freeflight Design Shop

12MAR00 Abacus has released FS Design Studio! This is a major improvement on designing aircraft, among other things. Many thanks to Louis Sinclair for the development of this excellent tool. 

According to Arnie Lee, Abacus' Publisher, "We included associates of Freeflight Design Shop for beta testing due to the organization's dedication to the flight simulation hobby, a reputation for knowlegable designers and their willingness to share their "know how" with others. We're honored that FFDS will make the FSC's freely available to other designers since this affirms their belief that FS Design Studio is a viable development tool for FS2000". 

In conjunction with the announcement by Abacus, there are two additional changes at FFDS: 

  1. The addition of a new page dedicated to the source files (FSC's) of FSDS aircraft. This page will be introduced as soon as we receive the first aircraft. The FSC's will also be posted on their applicable page. 
  2. For the first time in our history, FFDS will have repaints available for download. If you wish to provide a repaint, or have any questions on this program, please e-mail us first so we can point out the details and please use the title "FSDS Repaint". 

On a final note to our contributors, we will continue to post new and updated files that are created via AF99 or Flight Shop. 

The Freeflight Design Shop

3MAR00 Welcome to the first update in our new site! As we've stated, this change is only one of several enhancements coming within the next few months. We'll tell you about the improvements as they are made since they are not all definite at this time. 

Alex Stojanovski has updated Tony & Marty's commuter aircraft into AF99 format with 12 sided fuselages. Pascal Linder has provided the source file which was the basis for his American Airlines F-100. Deane Bauton has passed along two McDonnell Douglas Skyhawks for the military section and Gene Floyd did an update of Jerry Arzdorf's and Mike Hoefle's WACO glider with a C-47 towplane. Just as the update was being prepared, Pascal Linder contacted us and gave permission to post his great tutorials on night lighting and texturing in 512*512 format. Thanks to all! 

The new arrivals are: 


ATR42  Updates: Alex Stojanovski Originals: Tony Bolton & Marty Baclawski 
Beechcraft 1900D 
British Aerospace ATP
Cessna 208 Caravan 
Dornier 228-200
Dornier 328 
Dornier 328 Jet 
Embraer 110 - early model type
Embraer 110 - later model type 
Embraer 120 
Fairchild Metro III 


Fokker F-100  Update: Pascal Linder Original: Bill Alderson 


McDonnell Douglas A-4K Skyhawk  Originals: Deane Baunton 
McDonnell Douglas TA-4K Skyhawk
WACO CG-4A Hadrian w/C-47 towplane  Original: Jerry Arzdorf & Mike Hoefle Update: Gene Floyd 


Night Lighting effects via SCASM editing  Originals: Pascal Linder
Texturing with 512*512

1MAR00 Welcome to the new Freeflight Design Shop

As we get ready to begin our third year of operations we now have our own URL, Guy Caron has updated our logo (since BAO's "Flight Shop" is, well, obsolete) and we've spruced up the pages a bit, too. 

Based on some confusion on the case of our name, it has been changed to "Freeflight", and we've shortened it further to "FFDS". Also, since we are in the process of severing our ties to our former web host, the "Add-A-Link" section has been eliminated as this was a proprietary feature of our former host. As you look around you will find things look very much the same as they did before. Some additional changes to our layout/format are pending and will appear from time to time in the future. 

Thank you to all of you who have supported us over the past two years , and to our new visitors, we hope you make yourselves frequent visitors to our site. 

The Freeflight Design Shop

5FEB00 Three new contributors have arrived with files for the Freeflight Design Shop! Joe LoGrasso has done up the Deperdussin Racer, Wolfram Beckert provides the Junkers F-13a and an update of Richard Osbornes's Tupolev Tu-14B. Plus,  Holger Ellerbrock has updated Kim Simmelink's Airbus A321-111. Thanks for your efforts, guys. And, check the "Warping Wings" technology that Joe has used on the Deperdussin. 

Kevin Trinkle has a new Lockheed L1011-1 with a Sam Chin FDE. Richard Osborne has updated his tutorial on scanning based upon postings made to the Forum. 

The Files: 

Deperdussin Racer with Warping Wings. By Joe LoGrasso

Airbus A-321-111. Kim Simmelink original. Update by Holger Ellerbrock
Lockheed L1011-1. By Kevin Trinkle, Sam Chin FDE.
Tupolev Tu-104B. Richard Osborne original. Update by Wolfram Beckert. 

Junkers F-13a. By Wolfram Beckert. 

Scantext. By Richard Osborne.

23JAN00 Dana McGee has redone his Volpar Turboliner and updated Eric C. Johnson's Let L200. Dee Waldron came up with some updates to Bill Alderson's Boeing 727-200 which includes winglets and rear stairs. The latest in FDE's from Sam Chin are the Lockheed L-1011-385-1 and the Piper PA-31T-1A Cheyenne. Also see the Gallery for two new updates from Mike Marrilow on aircraft available at Freeflight! And, if you want to save yourself some real heartache, read Bob Seaman's tutorial on FS Lessons Learned - this is a "must read" for all of us! 

The Files: 

Let L200. Original by Eric C. Johnson. Update by Dana McGee
Volpar Turboliner. Original and update by Dana McGee 

Lockheed L-1011-385-1. By Sam Chin
Piper PA-31T-1A Cheyenne. By Sam Chin 

Boeing 727-200 QT. Bill Alderson/Chris van Biljert original. Update by Dee Waldron. 

FS Lessons. Bob Seaman

4JAN00 Our first update of the new year includes something special. Pascal Linder has redone Bill Alderson's Fokker F-100 (make certain you have version 2.1, please) in stunning new colors for FS2000! This is a "one time" event where we are specifically offering a repaint of an aircraft. Pascal has indicated that the AFX file will follow and when it does we will let you know. Should you have any questions regarding this aircraft please contact Pascal. Also, Bill Alderson has redone the Canadair Regional Jet into the FS2000 format. 

The aircraft: 

Canadair CRJ-100-ER by Bill Alderson 

Fokker F-100 (non-AFX) by Pascal Linder from a Bill Alderson original

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