News and Updates from 2001...

29DEC01 Tutorials Section - CHRIS' updated and complete DVC Tutorial for Gmax
28DEC01 Tips Section - Various GMAX Tips from the FFDS and AVSIM Forums

Tutorials Section - CHRIS recommends the 3D Animation Workshop site for tutorials on generic 3D modelling. Also, we link to GRAHAM's 10-part FSDS Tutorials, in three large zipped files.

12DEC01 Tutorials Section - CHRIS on gMax DVC Grouping - Interior and Exterior
08DEC01 Tips Section - CHRIS on gmax landing lights, Jason Brown on gmax flaperons
Tutorials Section - CHRIS on landing lights, and Milan Lisner gmax texturing tutorials get updated.
Utililties Section - Mark Dyson spreadsheet for calculating contact points.
Resources Section Updated and a few links added.
27NOV01 Tutorials Section - Lee Rosario posts a GMAX flap animation sampler tutorial.

Tips Section - CHRIS on nose wheel steering in gmax, Tom Gibson on lights in FS2K2, Kefren on afternurners
Plus a link to a gmax skinning tutorials site.

FSDS Section - Dave Eckert's pilot figure updated with converted *.dxf and *.gmax formats included in the zipped file.

22NOV01 Tips Section - Viking's posting on alpha channels; CHRIS uncovers the secret of a working DVC in GMAX.
19NOV01 Tutorials Section -Chris provides the second part of a series of GMAX animation tutorials;
Milan Lisner provides Part 1 of gMax texturing.

New Utililties Section added to gather freeware utilities and/or links.

15NOV01 FSDS Section - source files by Rien Cornelissen - Piper Warrior, Cherokkee, Warrior

Tutorials Section -Chris provides the first part of a series of GMAX animation tutorials.

10NOV01 At, a mini-review ""The Guide to the BEST FREEWARE BOEING Aircrafts for FS2000!", named the Kevin Trinkle/Sam Chin 727-200 as "Best 727 for FS2000" Way to go guys.

Tips Section - Viking's posting on setting up a seaplane for FS2K2; CHRIS provides another listing of GMAX animation variables.

07NOV01 Tutorials Section -Fraser Turner provides the first part of a series of GMAX tutorials. This links to his FSDS-to-GMAX-to MDL tutorial.

Tips Section - recent useful postings on AA, SDLedit and FS2K2 animation variables listing

20OCT01 Tutorials Section -GRAHAM provides the first four parts of a new "how to use FSDS" tutorial.
CVA Plug-ins for FSDS v3.0 Two plugin for FSDS. With first you can import into Design Studio objects in LWO (LightWave 3D) and DXF (AutoCAD, 3D Studio,...) file format and with the second you can export from FSDS objects into DXF format. Now you can make models for FS in high-end modelers and FSDS use only for texturing and export to Fligh Simulator. Author: Jiri Masnik (CVA Design) (FFDS Note: This links you to the CVA page)
23SEP01 FSDS Files - Tyler Glandman updates the Jaguar GR.1A, Phil Cruikshank updates his B-24D

Tutorials Section -Daisuke Iga's tutorial on counter-rotating props for CFS2; Louis SInclair's FSDS plug-in to save your project SDL macros when packaging a project

19AUG01 Updated Mike Crosthwaite's SDLEdit link in the Tutorials Section.

New FSDS Files - the legendary MC.202/205 from Giovanni Clemente.

Boeing 717-200 FS2000 FDE by Sam Chin/FFDS in the FDE Section

Adding a cross section to an Unstructured part from Doug Atrell is a new entry in our Tips Section

15AUG01 In the Tutorials Section, there is a new FS2K Specific Fuel Consumption a flight dynamics tTutorial by A. Nonymous, and contributed by Sam Chin/FFDS.
05AUG01 New FSDS Files - a Boeing 737-800 nose gear from Chanan Epstein.
Also, minor updates to the Resources Section
15JUL01 New FSDS Files - from Tyler Glandman, a Jaguar GR.1A, a nose gear from Chanan Epstein, and an interesting Radial Engine from Ted Ch., modified from a Mike Crosthwaite original, including the SDL macros.

In the Tutorials Section, Colin Norwood provides an Aircraft Animator Sequence Creator Excel spreadsheet.

26JUN01  Felix Rodriguez posts a Vans Rv-7a FSDS project file in the FSDS Section. It's purpose is to provide the "novice" FSDS user with a substantially complete source file to detail and repaint. Includes image backdrops and additional "early" structures.
06JUN01  Thanks to Dana McGee for his latest selection of Pipers (Cherokee Floatplane, Lancer, and Saratoga) in the Civilian Section.

Oscar Pedroza provides a Zlin 526 for the FSDS Section. (which can also be found in the Civilian Section.)

Finally, Marcelo Canovas shares his way of creating an FS2K style prop disc, and an spreadsheet to calculate AA motion sequences in the Tutorials Section.

29MAY01 Dirk E. Fassbender provides an fsc source file of the Aerospatiale AS532 Cougar VIP transport of the GAF, in the FSDS Section.
Brian Gladden posts a group of useful FSDS parts, also in the
FSDS Section.
18MAY01  SEVEN source files come in this month. Thanks to Dee Waldron of the Historic Jetliner Group - DC-8 Project Team for DC-8-10, -50, -60 series afx source files for FS2K only in the Jetliners Section.

The Marty Baclowksi/Tony Bolton Dash-8-300 afx is in the Commuters Section.

Ai Mujtaba uploads a Boeing 777-300, and Roger Hardy's DH Venom FB.1 and FB.4 get uploaded to the FSDS Section. (Of course, they also can be found in their respective Jetliners and Military Sections).

Finally, Chris Watt repaints Dana McGee's Cessna Cardinal RG in the Repaints Section.

03MAY01  Dee Waldron of the Historic Jetliner Group - DC-8 Project Team provides a much sought after Douglas DC-8 Series 50 AFX Source in the Jetliners Section.
Massimo Taccoli's site
Links are updated
27APR01  Steve Baugh provides a Stall Report in the Tutorials Section.  Marty Baclowski/Tony Bolton provide a Fokker F-50 400 Series for FS98 in the Propliners Section
22APR01  Dave Eckert provides a Viewlet Tutorial on "Making Navigation Lights in FSDS".  Also, a link is placed to the "FingerMouseAir" repainting tutorial, now hosted by Jim Oates. Both are in the Tutorials Section.
21APR01  Sam Chin provides an FDE Tutorial on Gear Length Problems in PDF format - 2 pages with graphics - in the Tutorials Section.  Marty Baclowski/Tony Bolton provide a DHC-7. Dana McGee provides two highly changed updates from Eric Johnson originals.
New files include:

DHC-7 by Marty Baclowksi/Tony Bolton - Commuters
Cessna Cardinal RG Update by Dana McGee - Civilian
Piper Cherokee Six by Dana McGee - Civilian

18APR01  Ali Mujtba provides Thrust Reverser SDL Macros, and we place links to Mike Crosthwaite's SDLEdit and Finn Nuewick's DXF to FSDS Converter utilitiy programs in the Tutorials Section.
New files include:

BAe146-300 by Marty Baclowksi/Tony Bolton - Jets
F7F Tigercat by Frans Vranken - FSDS/Military
Sea King Helicopter by Frans Vranken - FSDS/Rotorcraft
Vampire F.Mk.3 by Roger Hardy - FSDS/Military
Meteor F.Mk.8 by Roger Hardy - FSDS/Military

03APR01  Three tutorials by Dabe Eckert on Texutring with Corel Draw, creating WW2 style canopies, and antenna wires; and Ron Freimuth updates his notes on air files, all in the Tutorials Section.
TIPS added.
26MAR01  Sam Chin provides true FS2000 flight models based upon a real pilot's report and FAA specifications. Includes three different air files for Bolton/Bacwalski, Rafael Hidd, and Chris Bawden airframes, while Bob Boudoin posts FS2K air files for the 737-500, 737-700, and 757-200, all in the FDE files Section.
Meanwhile, we get our first
FSDS Learjets from from Frans Vranken
20MAR01  From Dana McGee, a turboprop conversion of the L-1049 COnstellation (planned, tested, not built), and an original canard design in the Propliners Section
Sam Chin updates the FS2K flight dynamics for the B-727-200 in the
FDE files Section.
tip posted on 512x512 bitmap alignment.
10MAR01  Jon Murchison updates the Alderson B747-200 with RR engines to the FSDS Section
Remember to check the
TIPS Section from time to time.
03MAR01 Christian B Alexandersen's repaint of Massimo Taccoli's F-86D in Royal Danish AF colors lands in the Repaints Section.
27FEB01 Gary Carlson's B727 update lands in theFSDS Section. A NEW Section debuts in FFDS - For when a tutorial's too much, there's the TIPS Section. Simon Porter's tutorial brings another way to do CFS2 Payloads.
25FEB01 Find Tony Lock's FSDS BAC 1-11 in the FSDS section, which also has Gary Carlson's update to the FSDS B727-200 recently reviewed at
20FEB01 Cal Booth shares an FSDS Texturing tip in the Tutorials section. Sorry it took so long, Cal!
19FEB01 Tutorials and References now have their own pages
New Tutorials:
 -Making CFS2 Virtual Cockpits - Joe Amodea
 -CFS2 Loadouts - Martin Wright/Daisuke Iga
 -AD2000 tutorial update - ACT
FSDS source files uploaded:
 -Boeing 707 - Dee Waldron
 -Pilot figure - Dave Eckert
 -Boeing 717 - Antonio Martinez
19JAN01  Believe it or not, AF99 is not dead.Dee Waldron explains in the "How to in AFF99" tutorial how to build a complex component in AF99 using a seperate structure as a reference, and Dennis Simmanaitis collection of FSFS/AF99 essays finds a place in the tutorials library. A few links are updated such as Tom Gibson's Classic Airliners, The DC-8 Project Team. Also the CompuFlight search in the links section is updated. Our own Sam Chin provides an updated ERJ145 FDE.
03JAN01  Gary M Carlson provides a collection of ready-to-use SDL macros in the tutorials library.
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