News and Updates from 2002...

23DEC02 Tips Section - D Simanaitis; Elevator and Rudder Control Cables, Made Easy; Fr. Bill Laeming - How to make a Virtual Cockpit
18DEC02 Tips Section - Tom Gibson/FFDS - Mini-Tutorials: Lightmap with Alpha Channel; Alpha Channels in Paint Shop Pro.
11DEC02 TIPS Section - Tom Gibson/FFDS - Lightmap with Alpha Mini-Tutorial
10DEC02 FSDS and GMAX Sections J P Demmerle's gmax/FSDS/dxf source files of McDonnell FH-1 F2H-2/3/4 Banshee, Vought F7U and Sikorsky CH-19

Utilities - Finn Neuik's gMax Contact Points Helper Beta 0.1

TIPS Section - Tomn (Project Airbus) - Compiling gMax models too large for makemdl.exe

30NOV02 Resources and Utilities - links to Mudpond Virtual Aircraft Development Center - with a hostful of utilities to help in tweaking your flight dynamics.

Updated TIPS Section -On/Off Ground Variable FSDS2(Dave Eckert) ;
Animating one-sided rudders with spoiler action - Felix/FFDS

Tutorials - Dave Eckert's three FSDS2 modelling tutorials

Tutorials - Finn Neuik's CFS3 maps


Updated TIPS Section - added 11 New TIPS

FSDS Section -Phil Cruikshank updated B-24J fsds file.

25NOV02 FSDS Section - Rick Sasala's WP3D, P3C Orions, Grumman A6E Intruders

GMAX Section - Rick Sasala's gmax Lear 45, WP3D, P3C Orions, Grumman A6E Intruders

24SEP02 TutorialsNew gmax tutorials - John Mackay's - "Mapping Textures to Boxes."; Milton Shupe's "Nosewheel Steering" Tips: Nosewheel Steering, Son of Dreaded OBED Scaling, Flight Dynamics Primer, Visual Prop Pitch

FSDS Section - Ken Harrison's Spitfire Mark VIII, Muhammad Chariri - CASA/IPTN 212 Aviocar

22AUG02 Tutorials New gmax tutorials - Ronnie Olsthoorn's - "Texturemapping 3D Aircraft."
19AUG02 Tutorials New gmax tutorials - Firestriker's "Scaling in Gmax" 5-part tutorial.GMAX Section - Greg Pepper's Beech 18G,

FSDS Section - Ken Harrison's Spitfire prototype with extra parts for Marks I, II, V, VIII, IX!

12AUG02 Tutorials New gmax tutorials - Hugh Shoult's "definitive" "How to build an FS airplane with gmax.; Milton Shoupe's "Adjustin g Landing Lights"

Tutorials Reorganized TUTORIALS SECTION. Since there are so many tutorials, rather than just list them in order, we're grouping them by (major) category : Texturing-2K/2K2 | Modeling-gmax | Modeling - FSDS | Flight Dynamics | Other : CFS2 - AD2000 - AF99/FSFS

22JUL02 Tutorials: 3DWorld magazine "gmax How to"; Bruce Edge's Setting gmax material transparency and opacity;Sergio di Fusco's How to Remove the Aircraft Number from Stock Aircraft (FS2000 and FS2002).

Tips: Dennis Simanitis' gmax to FS2002 in 12.5 Steps; Transparency; Paul Varn's COG Explained; Milton's Showing gmax prop in FS2K2.

GMAX Section - Jerry Beckwith's A5M Claude conversion

FSDS Section - Johan Crous' L100-30 civilian Hercules; Jerry Lindell's Hawker Tempest II; Robert Versluys' Airbus A300B4, Shorts 360, Tupolev Tu-334

12JUN02 Tutorials: Finn Neuik Tidying up Blueprints (FSDS); Getting better gmax backdrops (18Megs!)
07JUN02 Tutorials: Bruce Edge - gmax Texture mapping with gmax and Lithunwrap
Lou "Firestriker" Volland Reflective Textures - the Easy Way (zipped file)
Milton Shupe - gmax making windows

Tips: gmax Animating Flaps, Ratty gmax Textures

30MAY02 Tutorials: Lou "Firestriker" Volland Reflective Textures - the Easy Way
Dennis Simanaitis' Views on Plane Building
Dennis Simanaitis - Avoinding the dreaded gmax "scale" errors in ungrouping/grouping
11MAY02 GMAX Section - Greg Pepper's Convair CV-80; Christophe Rosenmann's B-29

FSDS Section - Roger Dial's B-25B Mitchell

Tips: Gmax adding segments; gmax animating control cables

12APR02 Tutorials: David Segovia GMAX Making Texture Templates;

GMAX Section - Greg Pepper's Sikorsky S-51 helicopter; Sopwith Pup

FSDS Section - Paul Clawson's Antonov AN-2, Curtiss XP-40, SBC-4; Meyer Markus' Bell 47G helicoper

Utilities Section - Revised link to Mike Crosthwaite's SDLEdit v 2.12. utility. Final version of this utiltity available from

03MAR02 Tutorials: Milan Lisner's GMAX Texturing tutorials now available for download.

Tips: Aligning textures in gMax by Mikko Maliniemi

28FEB02 FSDS / Military Section - Marc Simeon's Embraer EMB-121 Xingu

FSDS /Jets Section - MIchael Wood's FSDS source file of the Boeing 737-200.

FSDS /Rotorcraft Section - Cal Booth' FSDS source file of the Kamov Ka26 Agricultural helicopter

Tips: Arranging Aircraft Files in FS2002 by Fr. Bill Leaming

Tutorials: Fraser Turner's FSDS to gmax to FS2002 tutorial now available for download.

05FEB02 Utilities Section - now inlcudes a download of Chris Cookson's import 3DS and dxf script, instead of a link to his site.

FSDS / Military Section - Rick Brown's FSDS source file of the Sukhoi Su-7B fighter-bomber.

28JAN02 GMAX Section - Greg Pepper's gmax source file of the Grumman HU-16 Albatross
04JAN02 FSDS Section - Link to Dave Eckert's released FSDS source files

Gmax Tips: Applying two textures to the same part by CHRIS

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