News and Updates from 2003...


GMAX Section Milton Shupe's Aero Commander 520.

Tutorials Section - Joe Binka's Multi-Texture UVW Mapping - even Inspector Poly can do this now!


We've gone to a new forum format, change your Forum links to:


FSDS Section - Dee Waldron's - Martin 4-0-4 fsc

GMAX Section Ole Egholm's 14 low-poly gmax models. Intended for use as static aircraft, but nevertheless can be used as "starter" models.; Peter Brun's IAI Westwind II model

Tutorials Section - Exporting gmax files to other applications.. the Painless way., Bill Laeming's VC gauge back-lighting in gmax...

Tips Section - Comments on making windows in gmax with Boolean Operations.


Tutorials Section - Link to Tom Gibson's painting tutorial, which is specifically for Paint Shop Pro and DXTBmp. This is for people who are not yet comfortable with PSP, and don't know where to start. Therefore, it uses a detailed step by step approach. However, it then progresses all the way through reflections and night lighting. Might be useful if you get a question like "I know nothing about painting aircraft - how do I do it?"

Tips Section - Milton Shupe's tip on the elusive (for most) window shine effects without textures.

23APR2003 FSDS Section - Michael Wood 's The newest member of the Airbus small twins to fly: A-318 for FSDS2
21APR2003 Tips and Utilities Sections - David Segovia points out the Pandasoft 3DSMax plugin - convert your 3DSMax mesh to makemdl.exe friendly X file.
Tips Section - Tom Gibson's pointer on making linked ailerons in biplanes with FSDS2
20APR2003 FSDS Section - Tom Ead's Pratt & Whitney Wasp Jr (9-cyl radial)

Tutorials Section-Link to Simcraft 3D Design Tutorials List for FSDS2 - This site has over 24 FSDS specific tutorials.

Tips Section -HIERARCHY NODES VS_ PHANTOM BOXES - D Simanaitis/Graham Oxtoby

FSDS Section - Ken Harrison's Spitfire Mk8 for FSDS2, FSDS2 pilot figure


GMAX Section Rick Sasala's gmax source files for G-IV Passenger and Cargo vesions

FSDS Section - Bill Alderson's FFDS2 B-757

Tips Section - CFS2 Breakable Planes (FFDS2) - Hayden Scott-Williams;
Selective Texturing (gMax)- Dennis Simanaitis;

Tutorials Section-Shaping a Fuselage Tutorial (FFDS) - Alexander_EFG

Utilities Section - Chris File's Middleman 1.3 (Beta) announced.

03FEB03 Tutorials - WW2 Style Prop Texturing by Doc Blake of Pegasus Aviation Design
28JAN03 GMAX Section Milton Shupe's gmax source file of the Dash-7!
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