News and Updates from 1998...

24DEC98 One of the most prolific designers of miliatary aircraft has agreed to join Freeflight Design Shop as an Associate. Extremely talented and popular (over 6,000 downloads at in November) we are very pleased to welcome Massimo Taccoli on board.

Combat Flight Sim seems to have become a favorite. Accordingly, we will set aside a page in the near future for AFX's that are created for this sim. This should occur sometime in the first quarter of 1999.

New files and updates:

SAAB 2000. An update of Marty & Tony's SAAB 320 by Tyler Johnson.
Ilyushin Il-114. A new file by Eric Johnson.

Boeing 737-200. An update of Brian Quayle's version by Harald Reuter.
Boeing 737-500. Kevin Trinkle has improved upon Camil Valiquette's aircraft.
Tupolev Tu-204. Eric Johnson's new file.

AMX-T. A new file by Massimo Taccoli.
Curtiss P-40K Kittyhawk.
A new file by Harald Reuter.
Lockheed P-38J Lightning. A new file by Mike Vidal.
Republic F-84F. A new file by Massimo Taccoli.

Fokker F-50. An update of  Tom Gibson's F-27 by Tsai Shen-Lung.

26NOV98 The selection of military aircraft continues to grow!

Massimo Taccoli has created the Fiat/North American F-86K Sabre and North American F-86D Sabre. In addition, he has created the Piaggio Douglas PD808. Great work, Massimo!

Eric Johnson has provided one of the thirstiest and one of the fastest commercial jetliners. Our first Russian (Soviet) airliner is the fuel hungry Ilyushin IL-86 and the very fast Convair 990. Thanks, Eric!

From Bob Seaman we have a new tutorial that will help in flight testing aircraft. This should be a great help, Bob.

Our Gallery section is now open. For a start, four great pictures have been loaded; including 2 of today's uploads. Take a look!

The new files:

Convair 990. A new file by Eric C. Johnson, FDE by Mike Vidal.
Ilyushin Il-86. A new file by Eric C. Johnson, FDE by Mike Vidal.

FIAT/North American F-86K Sabre. A new file by Massimo Taccoli.
North American F-86D Sabre. A new file by Massimo Taccoli.
Piaggio Douglas PD808. A new file by Massimo Taccoli.

Flight Dynamics. A new file by Bob Seaman.

21NOV98 Military and commuter aircraft lead this update.

On the military side the AMX International is from Massimo Taccoli and the Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina is from Harry Follas.

H.-G. Schnell and Ulrich Effertz have provided their first files to Freeflight, the Dornier 328 in both jet and turbo prop versions. Bill Alderson has updated both BAe Jetstreams (-31 and -41) and has created a J31 with a baggage pod.

The seven updated or new aircraft:

Dornier 328 Jet. A new file by H.-G. Schnell and Ulrich Effertz.
Dornier 328 Turbo Prop. A new file by H.-G. Schnell and Ulrich Effertz.
Jetstream J31. An updated file by Bill Alderson.
Jetstream J31 with baggage pod. A new file by Bill Alderson.
Jetstream J41. An updated file by Bill Alderson.

AMX International. An new file by Massimo Taccoli.
Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina. A new file by Harry Follas and Brian Horsey.

9NOV98 Eric C. Johnson has provided some of his AFX files to the Freeflight Design Shop! Among the additions are some of his fine MiG fighters and an attack/trainer aircraft. Plus we've posted his Cessna Cardinals' along with a Piper Chieftain, a Rockwell Commander and a Gippsland GA-8 Airvan.

The Boeing 737-400 and 500 have been updated by Michael Verlin and Kevin Trinkle, respectively. Bob Seaman found a DC-3 with floats, although we do not know the name of the person who modified John Kelley's design. Bill Alderson  has updated his Canadair Regional Jet.

Thanks, everyone!

Ready for a new concept in Virtual Airlines? Go to our "Links" section and check out Freedom Air. They will set you free to fly when, where and what you want to fly! Thanks to Tom Gibson, Kevin Trinkle and the folks at for this great new concept.

We also did some "housecleaning", as well. Some of the aircraft which had been updated have had the older versions removed.

The thirteen updated or new aircraft:

Cessna C177B Cardinal. A new file by Eric C. Johnson.
Cessna C177RG Cardinal. A new file by Eric C. Johnson.
Gippsland GA-8 Airvan. A new file by Eric C. Johnson.
Piper PA31-350 Chieftain. A new file by Eric C. Johnson.
Rockwell Commander 114B. A new file by Eric C. Johnson.

Canadair Regional Jet. An updated file by Bill Alderson.

Boeing 737-400. An update by Michael Verlin.
Boeing 737-500. An update by Kevin Trinkle.

Mikoyan MiG-19SF "Farmer C". A new file by Eric C. Johnson.
Mikoyan MiG-23ML"Flogger G". A new file by Eric C. Johnson.
Mikoyan MiG-27FL"Flogger D". A new file by Eric C. Johnson.
Mikoyan Mig-AT. A new file by Eric C. Johnson.

Douglas DC-3 with floats. Based on the John Kelley original.

23OCT98 Military aircraft lead the way in this update with four new aircraft.

Massimo Taccoli has provided the Douglas A1H Skyraider and the Marchetti S-208M. Thanks Massimo! Johan Crous has done up the DHC-5d Buffalo and Eric Johnson's B-52G Stratofortress complete the military section. Thanks to Johan and Eric for these aircraft!

Dan Parent has reworked Bill Alderson and Rob Bennis' 727-100, it now has the oval inlet for the number 2 engine. Nice touch, Dan! Rob Bennis has updated the Fokker series with a Fokker F-28-4000. Great work, Rob! Mike Langford has reworked Chan Ken's 747-200 into a -400 freighter. Nice update, Mike!

Massimo Taccoli's Marchetti S-205-20R completes the aircraft update in the Civilian section.

From Al Wheeler we have a Tutorial on the keyboard map for FS98. Thank you, Al.

Just a reminder. Freeflight Design Shop does not provide repainting services to the Virtual Airline community. Thanks to all who have made an inquiry; but, we cannot afford to perform this service.

The eight new aircraft and one tutorial:

SIAI Marchetti S-205-20R. A new file by Massimo Taccoli.

Boeing 727-100. An update by Dan Parent of the Bill Alderson/Rob Bennis original.
Boeing 747-400. Any update of Chan Ken's -200 to a -400 freighter version by Mike Langford.
Fokker F-28-4000. Bill Alderson's F-100 redone by Rob Bennis.

Boeing B-52G Stratofortress. A new file by Eric Johnson.
DHC-5d Buffalo. A new file by Johan Crous.
Douglas A1H Skyraider. A new file by Massimo Taccoli.
SIAI Marchetti S-208M. A new file by Massimo Taccoli.

FS98 Keyboard Map. A new file by Al Wheeler.

(Part 2)

Four new aircraft are available:

Fokker F-28-0070  by Kim Simmelink and Ed Schlatter.
Fokker F-28-0100  by Kim Simmelink.
Douglas DC-8-20/30 by Kim Simmelink and John Keane.

10OCT98 We have located all the translators for the "News" and the pages will be available in the near future! Thank you, Remi Moreau, for agreeing to do the French version for us!

Rob Bennis has been added to our list of "Associates" and will work in aircraft design. Welcome aboard, Rob!

Three new aircraft are available:

Raytheon King Air 200 by Matt McClure.

Boeing 737-100 by Frank Safranek from Bill Alderson's 737-200.
Fokker F-28 MK1000 by Rob Bennis from Bill Alderson's Fokker F-100.

4OCT98 Two new "Associates" have been added to the team at Freeflight! Please welcome Bob Seaman and Glenn Willumsen.

Bob will be responsible for technical documentation, as well as handling our publicity work. Bob fully understands that Flight Simmer's are a very diverse group of people with different needs when it comes to the "inner workings" of all versions of Flight Sim. Plus, he will be responsible for "spreading our word" on the web!

Glenn comes to us a "specialist" in prop driven aircraft - although he is not restricted to this area. Glenn currently has several aircraft undergoing flight testing and these will be made available as soon as they are ready.

We have found a translator for our German version of the "News" page - Mike Bässgen has agreed to take on this  work. Thanks, Mike! For our Italian version, Marco Balzarotti will be handling the translations.

3OCT98 We have two new military aircraft from Johan Crous. Both aircraft have been used as "Commuters" so check them out to see if they fit your commuter airline needs! Thanks, Johan!

Our translation program has made great progress. And, it has expanded to include Danish and Dutch! In addition to Jorge Oostra doing the Spanish work, the following simmers have volunteered their efforts to provide our "News" in multiple languages:
Glenn Willumsen - Danish
Marco Balzarotti - Italian
Bruno Cardoso - Portuguese
Chris VanBijlert - Dutch

These pages will be available in the near future!

CASA C-212-300M Aviocar. A new file by Johan Crous.
Shorts Skyvan 3M-200. Also by Johan, this is a new file.

29SEP98 From one of the premier designers of Flight Sim aircraft we have the next generation Boeing 737-600, -700 and -800 along with his -500. Thanks to Camil Valiquette for generously providing these files!

If you want to rework any of the Boeing 737's to the -100 or -900, we suggest you read Tom Gibson's tutorial which is, of course, located in our "Tutorials" section. Just reverse the directions to increase lengths. For dimensional data, visit the Boeing website.

Bob Seaman has provided yet another fine, easy to read tutorial! This one is about landing lights. Thanks, Bob!

Bill Alderson has already updated his Dornier 328 into the jet version! And, he has reworked the Fokker F-100 into the F-70. Bill, great work!

The links to our translated "News" section have been discontinued until all our translators are in place. We want to get this service back in operation soon. 

Dornier 328 Jet. A new file by Bill Alderson

Boeing 737-500. A new file by Camil Valiquette. 
Boeing 737-600. A new file by Camil Valiquette.
Boeing 737-700. A new file by Camil Valiquette.
Boeing 737-800. A new file by Camil Valiquette.
Fokker F-70. A new file by Bill Alderson.

Landing Lights. A new tutorial by Bob Seaman

26SEP98 Many favorable comments have been received since we started translating the "News" section to multiple languages. However, suggestions were made to have people do the translations and we agree! Seems that the conversion program didn't do the translation in a satisfactory manner. So, if you, or someone you know, would like to translate the "News" to German, French, Italian or Portuguese please send an e-mail to us! Mr. Jorge Oostra has already kindly volunteered to do the Spanish translation. Thank you, Jorge!

Until our translators are in place - the "News" will be updated in the English version only.

2 new additions to the "Links" section! Glenn Willumsen's site and Remi Moreau's site have been added. Both have been frequent contributors to FreeflightFLIGHT and we are pleased to add their sites.

We bid a fond farewell to our link to Comox Valley as these fine people are no longer the unique site they once were. Thanks for the memories, guys!

Two new aircraft have arrived at Freeflight.

Many thanks to Eric Johnson and Bill Alderson!

Dornier 328. A new aircraft by Bill Alderson.

Boeing 717-200. A new file from Eric Johnson.

14SEP98 Four new aircraft have been loaded to FreeflightFLIGHT.

Thanks to Rob Bennis, Remi Moreau, and Bill Alderson! Please note that the "air" files in Remi's aircraft are in FS98 format.

Boeing 727-100. Rob Bennis has updated Bill Alderson's 727-200.
Boeing 727-200. A new aircraft from Bill Alderson.

AS 350 BA Ecureuil. A new file by Remi Moreau.
AS 532 Cougar. A new file by Remi Moreau.

11SEP98 Five more aircraft, that are listed below, have been received by Freeflight Design Shop. Four of these are in the Military section.

From Johan Crous we have received our first two Russian aircraft! These are in addition to another aircraft by Johan, along with an update from Harry Follas and a new aircraft by Massimo Taccoli. FFDS thanks you all for your contributions to the Flight Sim community.

We have instituted a new policy in regard to "Links" with FFDS. Future links will be with web sites that have either made a contribution to FFDS, or original presentations of Flight Sim efforts. 

The Space section has been eliminated and has been replaced by the Tutorials section. We have uploaded Kevin Trinkle's Painting Tutorial, Bob Seaman's Flight Shop Tutorial and Tom Gibson's Shortening Tutorial. Thanks, Kevin, Bob and Tom!

Alenia G.222 TCM. A new file by Massimo Taccoli.
Antonov AN-22. A new file by Johan Crous.
Antonov AN-70. A new file by Johan Crous.
Tranzall C-160. A new file by Johan Crous.

Douglas DC-7. An update to Tom Gibson's aircraft by Harry Follas.

10SEP98 Some new additions to the "Links" page:

Kevin Trinkle's Painting Tutorial
Visual Approach
Pegleg's FS98 Links Page
Marco Balzarotti's Classic Airlines
Rotterdam Flight Sim Page
Virtual FedEx
Benus Air

Bill Alderson is interviewed by Read it here.

4SEP98 All of us at Freeflight Design Shop hope each of you had a great summer. Looks like our vacations are over, as there are 20 new files available! The files are listed below.

Our contributors for this upload are: Michael Verlin, Les Penridge, Brian Horsey, Marco Balzarotti, Steve Kempf, Harry Follas, Gary Carlson, Bill Alderson, Kevin Trinkle, and Tom Gibson. Thanks to each of you for your contributions! I think everyone (and everything) is listed, if not just send an e-mail.

Mike Vidal will be reviewing and updating the Flight Dynamics on all future uploads. Mike is the premier FDE specialist for Flight Simulator and we are pleased to have him working with us. As time allows the files will have a notation that indicates Mike has worked on the Flight Dynamics. Thanks, Mike!

New quality control checks have been put in place to increase the reliability of the downloads. We're sure you will let us know of any issues. :)  

We plan to have more frequent updates to FFDS. Our goal is to have the AFX's posted to the site within 7 days of delivery. Don't forget documentation and credits!

Jetstream J31. A new file by Bill Alderson.
Jetstream J41. A new file by Bill Alderson.

Airbus A330-300. An update of June-Yuee Lee's A330-200 by Michael Verlin.
Boeing 720B-100. A new file by Les Penridge and Brian Horsey.
Boeing 720-100 and Boeing 720B-100. New files by Marco Balzarotti based on Bill Alderson's 707-320C.
DC-8-50. Steve Kempf's update to Bill Alderson's version of the DC-8-50.
Fokker F-100. A new file by Bill Alderson.
Airbus A320-200. A new file by Bill Alderson.
Boeing 757-200. An update by Bill Alderson.
Boeing 777-200IGW. A new file by Bill Alderson.
DC-10-30. An update by Bill Alderson, this is in a passenger configuration.
MD-83. An update by Bill Alderson.
MD-90. A new file by Kevin Trinkle.

KC-10 Extender. A new file by Gary Carlson based on Bill Alderson's DC-10.

DC-4's and 6's. Updates of Tom Gibson's aircraft by Harry Follas. 3 aircraft.
DC-6's. Updates by Tom Gibson. 2 aircraft.

In Production:
Airbus A319
Boeing 737-300
Boeing 737-500
Douglas DC-7
McDonnell Douglas DC-9-50

No release dates have been established for any of these aircraft and FFDS reserves the right to cancel any of these projects.

31JUL98 Kevin Trinkle has developed a Tutorial on how to paint Freeflight aircraft! Now you have the opportunity to paint our aircraft in your favorite colors. Just follow this link: Painting Tutorial. Thanks, Kevin!
24JUL98 We have three new contributors in Richard Osborne, Massimo Taccoli and Glenn Willumsen! FFDS thanks each one for their new contributions to the Flight Simulator community. Harry Follas, Bill Alderson, Kevin Trinkle and Rob Bennis return with new or updated aircraft. The files are listed below.

Zenith Gemini. A new file by Glenn Willumsen.

Hawker Siddeley HS748. An update to S. Homma's YS-11 by Harry Follas.
Dornier DO328 Jet. An update to Tony & Marty's Dornier turbo prop by Massimo Taccoli.
deHavilland Dash8-200. A new file by Bill Alderson.

The MD-80's. Three new files (the -81, -82 and -83) from Kevin Trinkle.
Boeing 707-320. An update to generic FFDS textures.

Messerschmidt Bf109c. A new file by Richard Osborne.

Canadair Argonaut. An update of Tom Gibson's DC-4 by Richard Osborne.
Convair 440. An update of Tom's 440 by Massimo Taccoli.
Lockheed L-1049 Super G Connie. An update to Joe & Doe's L-749 by Rob Bennis.

7JUL98 Updates to Kevin Trinkle's Lockheed L-188A  and Bill Alderson's 707. The file name for the L-188A remains the same and the 707 file is renamed "". The L-188A file was corrupt and the 707 was a "Beta" version. Please accept our apologies for any problems you incurred with the previous files! The 707 file is in the "Freighter" version.
4JUL98 Bill Alderson's Boeing 707-320 has been loaded into the Jetliners section! Thanks to Bill, and everyone, who contributed to this aircraft!
24JUN98 Minor adjustments have been made to each page.

The "Hangars" and "VA Painting" pages have been eliminated. The "Hangers" was a relic from our previous web site and we cannot devote the time necessary for painting VA aircraft.

The "Spacecraft" page will be renamed in the near future. Wait until you see what we have planned for this area!

Work is nearly complete on 2 jetliners. Improvements are being made to Bill Alderson's exquisite BAe-146 and a brand new MD-82/83 is nearing completion.
23JUN98 8 new files added.

The Jetliners section receives Bill Alderson's Airbus A300-600.

The Civilian section is updated with a Cessna 441B Conquest by Harry Follas, an Avions Mudry 700CAP 10 by Remi Moreau and a Socata TBM 700, also by Remi.

The Business section now has the long awaited, and much requested, Dassault Falcon 900B by Remi.

The Propliners have been updated with the deHavilland DH-104 Dove (in 2 versions) by Les Penridge and Harry Follas. Les Penridge has redone Dave McQueen's L-749 into a Lockheed L-1049C Super Conny. The Socata TB-20 Trinidad by Remi Moreau has been added, as well.

Thanks to Bill, Harry, Les  and Remi for providing these files!

A new link is added to VADU. These folks are doing a lot of fine work for the VA industry!

With today's addition of files, we have over 70 AFX's available for rework and improvement!

31MAY98 Freeflight Design Shop is proud to announce that 2 of our files have been updated! Rob Bennis has updated the Lockheed L-749 to the "A" model and Harry Follas has created the Convair CV-640. All the associates at Freeflight thank Rob and Harry for their contributions and we want these to be the first of many! This is truly what we all envisioned for this site!

Kevin Trinkle's Airbus A320-200 has been updated to include the engine pcx files.

We have updated the pages to indicate the last upload date of each aircraft.

A new link has been added to Michael Gurezka's web site. His specialty is modern military jet aircraft - check them out.

Because Rob and Harry have contributed to a major milestone for Freeflight we have decided that these should be the only updates we provide at this time. Our next major update will occur in early July and will include the Airbus A300-600, Avions Mudry700 CAP10B, Dassualt Falcon 900 B, Lockheed L-1049, Socata TB-20 and TBM700. 

21MAY98 A new link has been added to "Classic Jets". This is where you can find repaints of Freeflight aircraft.
10MAY98 New Files! Our first Rotory craft is now available. The Eurocopter BK117 by Martin Henne is located in our Rotorcraft section! Two of the most popular regional aircraft are available in the Commuter section - Bill Alderson's Canadair Regional Jet, with updated textures, plus the Dornier 328 by Marty Baclawski and Tony Bolton. In our Civilian section is Brett Pulford's Pilatus PC-12. In the Propliners section is Les Penridge's deHavilland Heron DH-114. Many thanks to Martin, Bill, Brett, Les, Marty and Tony for these aircraft!

Brian Quayle's Tutorial on how to produce Flight Shop aircraft is available at the Project Freeware Group web site. Details are in the Links section.

Don't forget that all our aircraft are freely available and improvements to the AFX files are welcome!

2MAY98 Freeflight Design Shop has 2 founders named to the FlightSim.Com list of "Who's Who". Congratulations to Tom Gibson and Bill Alderson! Both of these men have contributed much to the Flight Sim community and deserve all the credit they receive.

5 new aircraft have been uploaded. In the Jetliner section we have a new Airbus A320-200 by our own Kevin Trinkle, an Airbus A330-200 by June-Yuee Lee, and a Boeing 747-200 (with Rolls Royce engines!) by Paul Haak. In the Business section we have a Lockheed JetStar and IAI Westwind2, both by Eric Johnson. Many thanks to Kevin, June-Yuee, Paul and Eric!

FFDS is completing our first month of operation. Thanks to the nearly 1700 visitors and everyone who has passed along the many fine comments to each of us.

22APR98 6 new aircraft for the Commuter section, all from Marty Baclawski and Tony Bolton. Now available are the Cessna 208 Caravan, Embraer 110, Embraer 120, ATR42, Fairchild Metro III and Beechcraft 1900D. Once again, many thanks to Tony and Marty for providing these aircraft.

Please check the Gallery section to see what we have planned for this area!

19APR98 4 new files!

For our Jetliners section we have our first unsolicited contribution. From J. Y. Lee an Airbus A340-300. Thanks, J. Y.!

Also in the Jetliners section, from Paul Haak, a Boeing 737-400. Very much appreciated, Paul.

A Cessna Citation-X from Bill Alderson. For a limited time this aircraft is available in factory roll-out colors and is "ready to fly". This aircraft is located in the Business section. Thanks, Bill, for your effort with this aircraft.

Many requests have been made for the SAAB-340 and it is now available! Thanks to Marty Baclawski and Tony Bolton for allowing us to provide the AFX!
18APR98 Freeflight has moved as you well know! We now have more web space available and the management of the site is much more simplified. New aircraft are on their way.

Also, the Commuter section link to the YS-11A has been fixed.

14APR98 We have added 2 new aircraft to the Jetliners section, a Boeing 767-200 and 300, we think you will recognize the name of the designer! Thanks, Kim!
13APR98 The second addition to the Civilian Aircraft section. A Cessna 310 is now available! A very nice addition to the 414A.
12APR98 2 new aircraft added. A Cessna 414A and NAMC YS-11A. The Cessna is the first addition to our Civilian Aircraft section! The YS-11A is a good aircraft for designers to update, and painters, too!
11APR98 Guy Caron has created a completely new Viscount 700D and it is now available. Take a look at this aircraft. Thanks, Guy!
8APR98 The Freeflight Design Shop Forum opens!  Special thanks to Kevin Trinkle for developing this concept for us. Now you have someplace to post your design and texture questions. Follow the "Forum" link from any of our pages.  
4APR98 Freeflight Design Shop opens with nearly 40 AFX files available! Check back often as we have great plans for the site!
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