News and Updates from 1999...

29DEC99 Kevin Trinkle, Bill Alderson, Wolfram Beckert, Massimo Taccoli and Gene Floyd provide the last update of the year!

For the Civilian section there is Massimo's SIAI's Marchetti S205. From Kevin is a Douglas DC-9-10 and -20 while Bill submits a new Boeing 757-200 with moving parts and it is for FS2000. All three of these aircraft are in the Jetliners section. For the Military Section, Gene has sent along the Stinson Reliant and Wolfram contributes his first aircraft in the form of the Lockheed C-130B. Also in the Military section, Massimo has delivered the Machi MB308, along with FIAT's G46-4B and G59-4B.  

Recently we passed the 150,000 mark for visitors to the site and this update gives us more than 300 files available for DIRECT downloading! Many thanks to all who've contributed and visited Freeflight. Finally, as we head into 2000, all of us at Freeflight Design Shop wish you a happy New Year and we know some great new tools are coming our way during the year.

The Files:

SIAI Marchetti S205 by Massimo Taccoli
Stinson Reliant by Gene Floyd

Boeing 757-200 by Bill Alderson
Douglas DC-9-10 by Kevin Trinkle
Douglas DC-9-20 by Kevin Trinkle

FIAT G46-4B by Massimo Taccoli
FIAT G59-4B by Massimo Taccoli
Lockheed C-130B by Johan Crous. Update by Wolfram Beckert
Machi MB308 by Massimo Taccoli

13DEC99 Richard Osborne has updated John Kelley's DC-3 to FS98 standards! Kevin Trinkle has done some work on his DC-9-30 and 50 series aircraft to update them to FS98 standards, too. Many thanks to both Richard and Kevin for their work in these Douglas aircraft!

The Files:

Douglas DC-9-30/50 by Kevin Trinkle

Douglas DC-3 by John Kelley, update by Richard Osborne

5DEC99 Two new contributors to Freeflight arrive on the scene! Dana McGee has done up the Volpar Turboliner which is a modified Beechcraft 18 and Gene Floyd provides us with the Stinson 108. Many thanks to both of you!

Bruce Bridges has updated his documentation for the DC-9 series of aircraft and Kevin Trinkle has sent along a brand new Boeing 737-300. Also, Steve Baugh has been working very hard at helicopter air files and has provided a Tutorial on his findings.

The Files:

Volpar Turboliner by Dana McGee

McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30/40/50 by Bruce Bridges - Updated documentation for engine textures
Boeing 737-300 by Kevin Trinkle/Sam Chin FDE

Stinson 108 by Gene Floyd

FS98/FS2000 .Air File Sections 1400-1404 Helicopter Controls by S. M. Baugh, Ph.D.

25NOV99 Bruce Bridges has revamped his DC-9-30/50 and has a new -40 in his Douglas series of aircraft.  The -30 and -50 replace any previous versions you may have downloaded. Glenn Willumsen who's been busy of late with "real world" commitments returns with a GA aircraft: Pipers PA 28-140.

As we start the Holiday season, all of us at Freeflight wish everyone a very safe and happy time!

The Files:

Piper PA28-140 Cherokee. Original by Chris Willumsen. Sam Chin FDE

Douglas DC-9-30. Original by Bruce Bridges. Sam Chin FDE
Douglas DC-9-40. Original by Bruce Bridges. Sam Chin FDE
Douglas DC-9-50. Original by Bruce Bridges. Sam Chin FDE

13NOV99 Two great aircraft are here! First a brand new (and not a Brian Quayle rework)  version of the DC-9-30 from Bruce Bridges. And from Chris van Bijlert a rework of Bill Alderson's Boeing 727-200. These medium distance aircraft are here in FS98/AF99 format. Great work and thanks to both Bruce and Chris!

The Files:

Boeing 727-200. Update by Chris van Bijlert of the Bill Alderson original.

Douglas DC-9-30. Original by Bruce Bridges/Sam Chin FDE.
Douglas DC-9-50. Original by Bruce Bridges/Sam Chin FDE.

5NOV99 Some great updates to files which have already been available! Nick Botamer has been working with Kim Simmelink's Airbus A-319/320/321 aircraft. Plus Brent Hebert has done up improvements to Bill Alderson's Boeing 757-200. These are first time entries to Freeflight for both!

The Files:

Airbus A-319 IAE and CFM engines. Original by Kim Simmelink. Update by Nick Botamer.
Airbus A-320 IAE and CFM engines. Original by Kim Simmelink. Update by Nick Botamer.
Airbus A-321 IAE and CFM engines. Original by Kim Simmelink. Update by Nick Botamer.
Boeing 757-200. Original by Bill Alderson. Update by Brent Hebert.

23OCT99 Sam Chin has updated the FDE for Bill Alderson's MD-82 and Sam has included speed charts from Alaska Airlines in this file! Also, Chris Shelly has made the 737-200 Y2K compliant! That's right, it now is hush kit equipped so you can fly it in the U.S. after December 31. Many thanks to both Sam and Chris!

The Files:

MD-82 Sam Chin

Boeing 737-200 w/Hush Kit Original by Brian Quayle. Updates by Jean-Marc Chapuzot and Chris Shelly.

17OCT99 Our latest update contains a great mix of files for everyone.

First we have some new contributors: Steve Baugh, Chris Shelly and Pascal Linder.Great work, guys and thanks for your efforts! Returning with new updates are: Sam Chin, Johan Crous, Remi Moreau and Richard Osborne

Also, Steve Baugh is joining Freeflight as an Associate and we are pleased to have him come aboard. Steve works with Flight Dynamics, particularly in older aircraft. He's here to compliment Sam in this important area of aircraft design.

Massimo Tacolli has won the "Leonardo 2000" award, this is for the best designed Italian aircraft and those of us who've looked at Massimo's work know this award is well deserved! This award was presented by The FIVS (Federazione Italiana Volo Simulato) together with the Italian Amateur-built Aircraft Association CAP (Club Aviazione Popolare). Good work, Massimo!

The Files:

SAAB A-340 Original by Baclawski & Bolton. Update by Pascal Linder.

BAe Jetstream J-41 Sam Chin
Boeing 737-300 Sam Chin

Boeing 727-200 Original by Bill Alderson. Update by Chris Shelly (Kim Simmelink engines)

C-47A (Piston Dakota)  Johan Crous
Avro Shackleton MK III  Johan Crous
Lockheed C-130B  Johan Crous

Bell 206 Jet Ranger  Remi Moreau

Baugh Report on Air Files Steve Baugh
Drawing & Texturing using PSP and a Scanner  Richard Osborne

12SEP99 Gary Jones has come up with a Tutorial on creating static objects with Flight Shop. Wally Weich has created his first aircraft for Freeflight and it's in the Business section as the Grumman G-159 Gulfstream I V1.0. Joseph Cruz-Bello has corrected some problems in his Boeing 757-200 with Rolls Royce engines. He's also redone Bill Alderson's 757 as a 757-300! In the military section Johan Crous returns with the Douglas C-47A (Dakota) Turbine.

The Aircraft and Tutorial:

Grumman G-159 Gulfstream I. Wally Weich

Boeing 757-200 w/Rolls Royce Engines. Update by Joseph Cruz-Bello of his original with Bill Alderson.
Boeing 757-300. Update of Bill Alderson's 757-200 by Joseph Cruz-Bello.

Douglas C-47A (Dakota) Turbine. By Johan Crous.

Static Objects for Flight Shop. By Gary Jones.

14AUG99 Bob Seaman has done a Tutorial on the of structural color codes used in FS aircraft and scenery - these are not the textures; but, the actual colors used in components and structures. Kevin Trinkle and Mike Vidal have collaborated on the McDonnell Douglas MD-88 and 90! Kevin has done up the visual model and Mike has done the FDE. Enjoy!

The Aircraft and Tutorial:

McDonnell Douglas MD-88. Kevin Trinkle/Mike Vidal/FDE
McDonnell Douglas MD-90. Kevin Trinkle/Mike Vidal/FDE

FS Color Codes for Hex Editing. Bob Seaman

7AUG88 Two great new files are here. Rob Bennis has passed along his Caravelle 1A for FS98 and Roger von Ahrens, Jr. has contributed one of the pioneer aircraft - the Ford Tri-Motor! Thanks for the contributions, Rob and Roger!

The aircraft:

Sud-aviation Caravelle 1A FS98/AF99
Rob Bennis

Ford Tri-Motor FS98/AF99
Roger von Ahrens, Jr./ Steve Small

25JUL99 Sam Chin has come up with 2 new FS98 FDE files. The Convair 580 and DC-9-30 for Freeflight files are now available in the FDE section. Bill Beatty has provided his first aircraft to Freeflight! The FFDS Associates who have reviewed this aircraft, the Bell 222UT Careflight, have stated that it looks great! Johan Crous has redone John Coopers' Lockheed L100 and is available as an FS98 aircraft.

The aircraft and FDE's:

Convair CV-580 FS98 FDE v1
Douglas DC9-30 FS98 FDE v1
     Sam Chin

Bell 222UT Careflight FS98
     Bill Beatty

Lockheed L100-30 V4 FS98
     John Cooper and  Johan Crous

18JUL99 Joel Branchu has given us some moving part updates for the Jetstream J31 and Caravelle S12. Dee Waldron has updated Eric Johnson's Boeing B717-200 and Bill Alderson has provided the FS98 (from AF99) versions of the Boeing B747-200/300/400 (Freight). Michael Pickney has updated the venerable BAe 146 from the Bill Alderson/Kevin Trinkle original (this must be about the 8th version of this aircraft); and, Michael Gurezka has provided his Starfighter, Phantom, Draken and Gripen fighters. For the Civilian section, Bill Alderson has updated the Cessna Citation X and in the Military section Harry Follas has redone Kevin Trinkle's Lockheed Electra into the P-3 AEW/C Orion.

Thanks to each of you for your efforts.

The Aircraft:

Cessna Citation X (FS98 ONLY)
     Bill Alderson

Beechcraft Baron B58
     Captain Slug

Jetstream J31 Moving Parts update (FS98 ONLY)
     Joel Branchu

Boeing B717-200
     Eric Johnson/Mike Vidal/Dee Waldron
Boeing B747-200
Boeing B747-300
Boeing B747-400 (Freight)
     Bill Alderson
British Aerospace BAe 146-200
     Bill Alderson/Kevin Trinkle/Michael Pickney
Sud-Aviation Caravelle S12 Moving Parts Update (FS98 ONLY)
     Joel Branchu

Lockheed P-3 AEW/C Orion
     Kevin Trinkle/Mike Vidal/Harry Follas
Lockheed RF-104G Starfighter
     Michael Gurezka
McDonnell Douglas Phantom F-4B
McDonnell Douglas Phantom F-4C
McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG Mk.1 (F-4K)
McDonnell Douglas Phantom FGR Mk.2 (F-4M)
McDonnell Douglas Phantom RF-4E
     Michael Gurezka
SAAB J-35F Draken
SAAB JAS-39A Gripen
     Michael Gurezka

27JUN99 Gary Carlson, Baclawski & Bolton, Trinkle & Vidal , Fred Banting and Joseph Cruz-Bello have provided the files for this update. A word of note -- if you do not have Aircraft Factory 99, many of the new files that we are posting will be unusable without this tool!

This is a bittersweet update as the aircraft from Marty Baclawski and Tony Bolton could very well be the last designs we see from these two fine designers; and, our first files from Fred Banting and Joseph Cruz-Bello are being posted.

de Havilland Beaver w/Floats
de Havilland Beaver w/Wheels by Fred Banting

ATR-72 by Marty Baclawski/Tony Bolton
British Aerospace ATP by Marty Baclawski/Tony Bolton
Dornier 228-200 by Marty Baclawski/Tony Bolton

Boeing 757-200 w/Rolls Royce engines by: Bill Alderson, Update: Joseph Cruz-Bello
McDonnell Douglas MD83 by Bill Alderson, Update: Gary Carlson

Lockheed L-188 Electra II by Kevin Trinkle/Mike Vidal

13JUN99 From Nigel Booth (and a little help from Frank Safranek) we have the Westland Lynx chopper! Enjoy the aircraft. Sam Chin has been busy with the FDE's and some improvements are available! Also, Harry Follas has passed along a Fairchild-Hiller FH-227. Thanks to Nigel, Frank, Sam and Harry.

Boeing 737-600/-700/-800
Boeing 757-200 RR Engines
Airbus A330-200/-300 with GE, RR & PW Engines
Airbus A300-600R
Airbus A340-300
Bombardier CRJ-200LR
Embraer ERJ-145

Fairchild-Hiller FH-227
Designer: Tom Gibson
Update: Harry Follas

Rotory Aircraft:
Aircraft: Westland Lynx
Designer: Nigel Booth

11JUN99 Well, it appears that most major issues with AF99 have been solved by Abacus! Special thanks go to Laemming Wheeler, Jim Rhoads, Matt Garry, Bill Alderson, Tom Gibson, Dave McQueen, Kevin Trinkle and Konstantin Kukushkin for their extensive help during the beta testing of AF99 Service Release 1.

Some great files have arrived. I think most of the aircraft that were sent are included; if you sent a file to us and it's not here - please let me know. It appears that some "saved" files were damaged while awaiting upload. For those that sent non-aircraft AFX files, those are not impacted.

Thank you, also, to the folks who provided the translated News for FFDS. We've decided to discontinue this service, at least for the time being.

The latest files:

Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante by Marty & Tony, Update: Frank Safranek

Boeing 747-400 (Version 4) by Bill Alderson

McDonnell Douglas KC-10A Extender by Bill Alderson, Update: Gary Carlson

Fokker F-27 Mk500 by Tom Gibson, Update: Harry Follas

15MAY99 The Business section receives a major update thanks to the contributions of Rod Conklin, Randy Hampton and the Hill's (Mike and Terry). This is a real treat for those of you who like to work with the "small" jets. The Jetliners section receives the McDonnell Douglas MD-11F version from Dee Waldron. And, for the Military section Michael Gurezka has sent along his McDonnell Douglas Phantom F-4E.

What's important is that all of these contributors provided these files freely for your enjoyment. A very special thanks goes to all of them for their efforts. Thanks, guys! Also, Frank Safranek was instrumental in working to obtain most of the files for this update.

If you want a critique on AF99 then visit the Links section and go to Matt Garry's "DryFly" web site. Reading his findings could save you some money!

Over the next few weeks the Links section will be undergoing a revision with some great new links added. As usual, we won't provide the most - only the best.

Cessna Citation II, Rod Conklin (Visual), Randy Hampton (Flight)
Lear 29/60 (Longhorn) 2 versions, Terry Hill, Mike Hill
Gates LearJet 35A, Terry Hill, Mike Hill

McDonnell Douglas MD11F Freighter , Dee Waldron

McDonnell Douglas Phantom F-4E, Michael Gurezka

9MAY99 This update features the first FDE files from Sam Chin. These are for FS98 only and we suggest you make a backup copy of your existing "air" file prior to loading Sam's version. If you have any questions, or problems, with the FDE's please use the Forum. E-mail's to me on the subject won't get an answer for you.

Mark Lam of Cyber Air returns with the Shorts Brothers 360-300. Kevin Trinkle's and Mike Vidal's DC-9 aircraft has been reworked to a DC-9-14 and -20 by Joseph Cruzbello. Some great propliners have arrived, too. The Antonov An-12 by Alexander Belov; an updated Fokker F.27 by Michael Pickney and Frank Safranek which also includes the Fairchild version (be sure to read Frank's text on this aircraft). Also, Harry Follas has redone the Hawker Siddeley HS748 into a military and commuter version.

Rabbijah Guder has provided a tutorial an air files.

Short Brothers S360-300 by Mark Lam
Hawker Siddeley HS 748 by Harry Follas

DC-9-14/20 by Kevin Trinkle/Mike Vidal, Joseph Cruzbello

Antonov An-12 by Alexander A. Belov
Fokker F.27 by Tom Gibson, Update: Michael Pickney/ Frank Safranek
Zepplin 2 by Frank J. Petriccone

Hawker Siddeley Andover CMk1 by Harry Follas

Air Files 101 by Rabbijah Guder

Aircraft FDE's:
BAe-146 200A (
BAe-146 300A
Fokker F28-100 (
Fokker F28-70 (
Boeing B707-320B (
Boeing B727-200 (
Boeing B747-100B (
Boeing B747-200B
Boeing B747-SP
Boeing 767-200ER (
Boeing 777-200IGW (
Mc Donnell Douglas DC10-10 (
Mc Donnell Douglas DC10-15
Mc Donnell Douglas DC10-30
Mc Donnell Douglas DC10-40

1MAY99 Some new files will be arriving soon. Until then, we have a very pleasant announcement to make. Sam Chin, one of the foremost FDE specialists in Flight Sim has joined Freeflight Design Shop as an Associate. The FDE's created by Sam will have a section of their own and as soon as the files begin to arrive, this change will be made to the site.
24APR99 Rob Bennis completes the Caravelle series, Frank Safranek updates Barry Blaisdell's Twin Otter and Frank Petriccione provides the "Zeppelins" series of Airships.

Caravelle 11 R
Caravelle 12
Caravelle 3
Caravelle 6N
Caravelle 10 B
Caravelle 10 R
         Designer: Eric C. Johnson
         Update: Rob Bennis
         Section: Jetliners

De Havilland DHC-6-300 Twin Otter
         Designer: Barry Blaisdell
         Update: Frank Safranek
         Section: Commuters

         Designer: Frank J. Petriccione
         Section: Propliners

17APR99 Something for everybody in this update! From one of the first aircraft built, the JN-4 Jenny to the latest Boeing 737 "New Generation" airliners and some aircraft in between.

First time contributors are: Chris van Bijlert, Clinton Hicks, Alex Kander, Dee Waldron, and Francesco Zoja .

Returning with additional contributions are: Rob Bennis, Harry Follas and Matt Garry.

Boeing 737-400  
Boeing 737-500
     Designer: Bill Alderson
     Update: Chris van Bijlert
     Section: Jetliners

Boeing 737-600
Boeing 737-700
Boeing 737-800
    Designer: Camil Valiquette
    Update: Alex Kander
    Section: Jetliners

Caravelle VI R
    Designer: Rob Bennis (based on the Eric C. Johnson original)
    Section: Jetliners

Cessna 152
    Designer: Matt Garry
    Section: Civilian

de Havilland Canada Dash 8-Q301A
    Designer: Thomas Draexl
    Update: Dee Waldron
    Section: Commuter

Douglas DC-4
Douglas DC-6
Douglas DC-7C
   Designer: Raf Guekens/Tom Gibson
   Update: Harry Follas
   Section: Propliners

Douglas DC-8-62
Designer: Kim Simmelink
   Update: Francesco Zoja
   Section: Jetliners

Embraer EMB-145
   Designer: Clinton Hicks
   Section: Commuter

JN-4 Jenny
   Designer: Matt Garry
   Section: Military

Piper PA-38 Tomahawk
   Designer: Matt Garry
   Section: Civilian

11APR99 53 weeks ago today, Freeflight  Design Shop opened it's doors for the first time. From our original 40 files available, we are now around the 200 mark and for the past 9 months all files posted here have been contributions. No "trolling" for files at this site! This will be an update consisting of the work of Freeflight Associates only since it is the first update at the start of our second year in operation.

We are very pleased to add 2 new Associates to the Freeflight Design Shop! Matt Garry is a specialist in single and twin engine aircraft; some of his work is included in this update with more to follow in the near future. Michael Pickney is recognized as one of the foremost texture around and will work in improving the basic textures of our aircraft along with updating AFX files. Welcome to both of these fine people!

Some great additions in this update. Rob Bennis worked on Eric C. Johnson's BAC 1-11 aircraft using Kirby Kern's design tools and we now have the 200 and 500 series available (sans hush kits, of course). A minor update on Bill Alderson's Boeing 737-300 that now includes the nose gear door textures (if you already have this version, this update is nothing new). Massimo Taccoli has created the FIAT G.55 Centauro and the FIAT G.59-4A. We'll be having some more news on Massimo in the near future. Our first "moving parts" aircraft, the Lockheed L-188 Electra, is available in a FS98 only version and was created by Kevin Trinkle. Matt Garry has done the Fleet Model 80 Canuck along with the Maule Comet. Additionally, Matt has done a tutorial on transparencies which should help a lot of folks in this endeavor. Michael Pickney has updated Bill Alderson's Boeing 727-100 aircraft to include full leading edge slats, landing lights and a tail skid.

Thanks to Rob, Bill, Massimo, Kevin, Matt and Michael!

7MAR99 2 new aircraft have arrived. Both have been very much sought after types. The Airbus A319-132 by Kevin Trinkle and the Shorts Brothers S360-300F by Mark Lam. This is Mark's first Flight Sim aircraft and is in a cargo version.

There are 2 additional Tutorials. Tom Gibson has provided a very worthwhile tutorial on the use of Glue in Flight Shop and Sean Hart has done up a very timely tutorial on the FS Palette!

The Gallery section has received the "Flying Calypso" by Harry Follas.

Thanks to all!

The files:

Shorts S360-300F. A new file by Mark Lam.

"Flying Calypso" by Harry Follas.

Airbus A319-132. A new file by Kevin Trinkle based upon the Peter Herrmann original

Glue. A new file by Tom Gibson.
FS Palette. A new file by Sean Hart

20FEB99 Although the files have been around for quite some time; and, our new series of Boeing 747's will not arrive for a few months, we thought that Robert Randazzo's updates of Craig Mosher's 747's would be of interest. So, included in this update are the Boeing 747-200, 300 and 400 updates by Robert Randazzo. Check the Tutorials section as we've provided a link on how to create transparent parts!

New files:

Boeing 747-200, 300 and 400. New files by Robert Randazzo based on the Craig Mosher Boeing 747-400.

Transparent Cockpit Windows. A new file by Alexander Remus.

12FEB99 Military aircraft lead the way in this upload. Dan Parent in association with Frank Safranek has updated Bill Alderson's DC-10 to a KC-10A 'Extender'. Massimo Taccoli has sent along his Aermacchi MB326 H; and Harry Follas with Brian Horsey have created version of 5 of their Catalina PBY. Richard Osborne has provided his Tupolev Tu-104B which appears in our Jetliners section.

New files:

Tupolev Tu-194B. A new file by Richard Osborne

Aermacchi MB326 H. A new file by Massimo Taccoli.
Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina. An updated file by Harry Follas and Brian Horsey.
McDonnell Douglas KC-10A 'Extender'. A new file by Dan Parent and Frank Safranek based on Bill Alderson's DC-10.

5FEB99 Big jets are the additions for today. Newcomers (to Freeflight) Eric Nabstedt and Robert MacLeod have delivered a model of arguably the best looking wide body aircraft - the Lockheed L-1011 as a -500 version. Rob Bennis has reworked Bill Alderson's DC-8-50 into a -63 "stretch" version and Bill Alderson has developed an all new Boeing 767-300. Thanks to Eric, Robert, Rob and Bill for the work that went into these aircraft!

New files:

Boeing 767-300. A new file by Bill Alderson.
Douglas DC-8-63. A new file by Rob Bennis based on the Bill Alderson original.
Lockheed L-1011-500. A new file by Eric Nabstedt and Robert MacLeod.

31JAN99 One new file and it is a Tutorial by Bob Seaman. This tutorial will guide you through some of the details of FS98. Every day new users arrive in our hobby and can be overwhelmed by the abilities, and pitfalls, of FS98. Good reading for rookie and veteran, alike!

New file:

FS Basics. A new file by Bob Seaman

29JAN99 All of us at Freeflight hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday season. We wish that 1999 will be the best year ever for Flight Sim!

New files and updates:

Gulfstream G-IV. A new file by Rob Bennis.

Rutan Long EZ. A new file from Brian Gonzales; updated by Duane Hill.

Fairchild Metro II. An update from the Metro III by Christopher Standen based on the Marty & Tony original.

Airbus A-300-600. An update by Bill Alderson. Please note this aircraft is in Cyber Air livery.

Republic RF-84F "Thunderflash". A new file by Massimo Taccoli.

Douglas DC-2. A new file by Rob Bennis.
Douglas DC-3 Turbine. An update of the John Kelley original by Johan Crous.

FS Basics. A new file by Bob Seaman.

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