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In the Resources area we provide user supplied resources they've found helpful in their various projects. These resources have not been reviewed by, nor are endorsed by, the Freeflight Design Shop. As always, the copyright requirements of the listed publications, drawings, sites. must be respected by the Flight Sim community.

Resource Contributor Comments  Date
Mudpond Virtual Aircraft Development Center   Mudpond Virtual Aircraft Development Center
Software development tools for Microsoft's Flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulators, and a few complete virtual aircraft models. - Jerry Beckwith's site 'nuff said.
3-Views and Plans F Rodriguez Listing of 3-view and scale plans sites and resources. Encompasses most of the listings below - after all, I wrote it. 15OCT06
Data on Aircraft in the Current Naval Aviation Inventory F Rodriguez Naval Historical Center - Data, line drawings, and a photograph are available for current aircraft in the Naval Aircraft Inventory: 08DEC01
Historical US Navy Aircraft F Rodriguez Naval Historical Center - Data on USN WW2 and Korea aircraft. pdf format inlcudes line drawings. 08DEC01
Wherewolf's Drawings Site F Rodriguez Russian site with two pages of interesting scale drawings. 15NOV01
"World Encyclopedia of Civil Aircraft - from Leonardo da Vinci to the Present", Enzo Angelucci, Chartwell Books, Inc. ISBN 0-7858-1389-6 F Rodriguez History, information and 3-views of civil aircraft from the early attempts to today. The emphasis is on commercial aviation, so the general aviation is not really covered. 04AUG00
"Illustrated Encyclopedia of Military Aircraft - 1914 to the Present", Enzo Angelucci, Chartwell Books, Inc. ISBN 0-7858-1359-4 F Rodriguez History, information and 3-views of military aircraft from the 1914 to today. 04AUG00
"The Encyclopedia of Modern Warplanes", Bill Gunston, Metro Books (2000), ISBN 1-58663-207-8 F Rodriguez The splash says it "the development and specification of all active military aircraft". and includes 3-views 04AUG00
www.aviacherteg.narod.ru-index.html F Rodriguez Another Russian language site with detailed scale drawings, camouflage 04AUG00
Sky Corner Aviation Reference

- Drawings Page

F Rodriguez Russian site with quite a number of detailed scale drawings, and a wealth of aviation/aircraft information 09DEC01
Thomas Suurland's Home Page F Rodriguez Excellent source for 3 view drawings of use to the flight simmer community. and incorporates now "Eduardo's Page"
Also, vehicles, tanks. Those marked "extra" may inlcude other views, cross sections, etc.
Fighters in WW2 Profiles Massimo Taccoli Excellent source for 3 view drawings of use to the flight simmer community. While the drawings are limited to WW2 aircraft from various part of the world most are very detailed and with cross sections. Slow downloading, but worth more than a look! 18FEB01
Flying Colors
Wm Green G. Swanborough
Barnes & Noble Reprint 1999; ISBN 0 7607 1136-4
Felix Rodriguez Features over 100 different types of aircraft.  This book is a fascinating survey of aircraft markings throughout more than 80 years of aerial warfare 18FEB01
Aircraft Yearbook  3-View Drawings Felix Rodriguez 936 drawings of American aviation, airships, autogiros, balloons, biplanes, flying boats, gliders, civilian light planes, civilian commercial, military - all with orginal captions

Mail order from J W McDonald PO Box 23, Windom, Kansas 67491 USA  -  US$35+US$4. shipping (US) + US$8/other.

Eduardo's Page Various Source of aircraft 3-views 09SEP00
Virtual Aircraft Museum Various Source of information and 3-views on over 400 military and civilian aircraft from all eras, many countries.   09SEP00

The Complete Book of Fighters

Felix Rodriguez

An illustrated encyclopedia of every fighter built and flown. Wm Green.Gordon Swanborough; Barnes & Nobles Books; 1998. ISBN 0-0707-0904-1

Similar to other illustrated encyclopedic aircraft books, with short writeups and performance data on the various aricraft, many photos and 3-views. Since it's dedicated to fighters, it includes rather obscure limited adition and/or prototypes rarely mentioned.


Bob Banka's Scale Model Research

Felix Rodriguez

Source for 3-views and Photos. The site offers downloadable (pdf format) catalogs for 3-views and Photo-Paks. The 3-views are a misnomer. In some cases you get 7 pages worth of detailed drawings (Lisunov Li-2), and for others, it's just a 3-view. Sample photo pak is in the web site. Generally, a photo pak details the particular aircraft. You can order plans by phone, and delivery is usually within 3 days (Continental US). Prices for the 3-views are reasonable - around USD3-5, but up to $20+ for "Sp" detailed drawings.


Federal Aviation Administration Type Certifiate Data Sheets

Sam Chin

A great site with specs on many different planes. It also has a section on just engines!


"The Modern Civil Aircraft Guide" by David Donald

Mark Branscum                                        

This book is a 3 view book, but not of line drawings, instead it is highly detailed almost photo realistic in fact it would be hard to tell the difference between these and a real photo. It covers aircraft from the 1950's to present...Included in this is Single Props to airliners. I recommend this one highly.


"Modern Commercial Aircraft" Endres/Green/Swanborough/
Mowinski Salamander Books Ltd. (London) 1998.
ISBN 1 84065 022 2

Felix Rodriguez

I purchased this book today and it's more than a source of 3-views. If you can get your hands on it, it's a good buy. The book is an update of the 1987 original. It is a revised and updated illustrated directory of the world's civil airliners, aircraft technology and airlines.

For the Flight Sim modeller, this book represents a very good collection of photos, 3-views and basic performance data on the world's principal airliners (friom large jetliners to principal commuters), "minor" aircraft still plying the airways, and the future. Most entries in the main section include detailed cutaway illustrations. and plenty of detail views.

In addition, "value added" so to speak, the book also has sections describing Aircraft Technology, The Anatomy of a Flight, the Flight Deck, etc., offering comparisons between the different aircraft, cabin etc, configurations, as well as engine tenchnology and future developments. The final section of the book is "World Airways" describing the major world airlines and fleet data (at least as of late 1997)

The entries are well-written, concise and very informative. The book is well worth the purchase if only for the 3-views and aircraft performance data, but the additional information provides the enthusiast with valuable information on commercial aviation.


Dan Johnson's web site

Felix Rodriguez

Dan has some good 3-views of  "Luftwaffe '46" projects that were on the books, but didn't get built.


Book/Magazine references:

The Complete Encyclopedia of World Aircraft: Barnes & Noble Reprint 1998; ISBN 0 7607 0592 5

Scale Aircraft Modelling
Scale Aviation Modeller
Air Enthusiast
Air International
The Aeroplane

Airline Liveries & Info:

Felix Rodriguez

These are some of Felix's favorite reference guides as he goes about working on his various projects.


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