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NOTICE:  By downloading any of these files you are hereby acknowledging agreement to properly credit the original designer(s) for their efforts should you release any reworks and/or paint-ups of these files.  In addition, you agree not to sell, package for sale, and/or distribute these files, or alterations thereof, for profit.  These source files may NOT be uploaded to any other web site without the permission of the author and/or Freeflight Design Shop.

In the table below "Version" indicates the earliest version of Flight Simulator the aircraft is applicable. "5.X" indicates versions 5.0 through 2000.  "98" indicates FS98 through FS2000 and "2K" indicates only FS2000.  FS Design Studio aircraft will be indicated with a "DS".

Rotorcraft Version File Name Size Designer(s)


AS 350 BA Ecureuil
Cougar preview AS 350 BA Ecureuil file
DS 25,552 Remi Moreau 17SEP98
AS 532 Cougar MkII 5.x 29,710 Remi Moreau 17SEP98
AS 532 Cougar
Cougar preview Cougar file
DS 1,003K Dirk E. Fassbender 27MAY01
BK 117 Eurocopter 5.x 41,395 Martin Henne 10MAY98
Bell 206 Jet Ranger 5.x 81,920 Remi Moreau 17OCT99
Bell 222UT Careflight (FS98) 5.x 32,768 Bill Beatty 25JUL99
Kamov Ka-26Ag
SeaKing preview SeaKing file
DS 480K Cal Booth 28FEB02
Sikorsy R-48 Hoverfly
R-4B Hoverfly preview
DS (link to Dave's fsc page) 473K Dave Eckert 03JAN02
Sikorsky CH-19 Chickasaw
SeaKing preview SeaKing file
gmax/ DS/ dxf 1678K J P Demmerle 10DEC02
Westland Lynx 5.x 18,190 Nigel Booth 13JUN99
Westland Sea King
SeaKing preview SeaKing file
DS 1,009 Kb Frans Vranken 18APR101

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