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Intro to new CFS3 Map Types/gMax 1.2 video

Posted by FinnN on 15-11-02 at 00:37 AM

This one's really just an introduction, expect a quicky video tutorial on the weekend about how to run up the appropriate bitmaps to get the basic effects from your normal textures.

There's two new map types in CFS3 over CFS2 - specular and reflective maps this video covers what they do and *very* briefly where to find them in gMax 1.2. Should be of interest to painters and modellers if you're interested to know what's different about CFS3.

You'll need the camtasia codec to watch them:

http://supadetail.gmaxsupport.com/vids/TSCC.exe (~170K)

Here's the video:

http://supadetail.gmaxsupport.com/vids/intromat12.zip (~12M)

I actually did this one a few days ago and decided it wasn't worth releasing as there's not a lot of practical stuff in it, but thinking about it - why not . As a result though there are a *lot* of ums and ahs in this one (well more than usual!).

As mentioned above, there'll be something more practical on Saturday with a bit of luck.

Have fun

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