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Rudder Animation / Linking
Posted by n4gix on Nov-15-02 at 07:06 PM
In response to message #7

>Hi, I'm back. As you can see from the picture, I am
>completely missing the point on something.
>The middle part is selected from the stock parts as "rudder"
>and the axis was moved to the hinge point. It seems to work.
>The remaining parts are named rudder_top, rudder_bottom, and
>so on. I did not move the axis for each of these parts to
>the hinge point as I understand that you don't have to
>(right or wrong?). For the top part I selected rudder as the
>parent, and for the other parts I left the line blank. It
>did not make any difference.

Ah! You said aileron in the first post. Now I see you are working on a rudder...

Name the major part that will be animated as:


Name the other two parts as you wish, but name them you must! Then, link them to the parent like this:


Notice that I used the root name rudder, but 'hid' it from FS2k2's stock animation by masking the name! This way, the parts will still be listed together in any alphabetical listing, but will not respond to the animation.

Now, set the pivot point for rudder to the leading edge of the rudder, with the pivot axis aligned with the leading edge, and centered on the width of the rudder.

When you move the rudder in FS2k2, the linked parts should perfectly mimic the parent part's movement!

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