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The Boolean Method to cut cockpit windows

#9, RE: The Boolean Method to cut cockpit windows
Posted by Firestriker on Nov-07-02 at 01:53 AM
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I cut all my windows and doors out after removing the smoothing from both parts before doing the boolen with cut and refine. Then converted to an edible mesh. Welded any uncommon points to ones that were proper for my cutter then detached the window polys from the fuselage. Granted, it is not perfect but there was very little cleanup work afterwards. Also I cut each opening one at a time. rather than creating one large part as a cutter. My poly count for the exterior right now is at 26393 and 10029 for the interior model which are modeled in 2 completely separate gWax files then combined at compile time. It compiles to a file size just under 2 megs. I still am getting decent frame rates.


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