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Re: FSDS2 and Four Ailerons

Posted by Tom Gibson/FFDS on Tuesday, 18 February 2003, at 2:29 p.m., in response to Re: FSDS2 and Four Ailerons, posted by Steven D. Myers on Tuesday, 18 February 2003, at 1:39 p.m.

You name the aileron lever_stick_l_r and the connecting rod lever_stick_l_r.1 (or similar). Make the rod a child of the aileron. Then keyframe animate the aileron, which will carry the rod with it. Then keyframe animate the rod so it moves up and down instead of rotating with the aileron.

Hope this helps,


> Guys;

> I tried something similar to what Dave suggested when I animated
> rudder pedals and attempted to make each pedals' respective cable
> (that runs from the pedal to the rudder horn) move with the pedals.
> I made each cable a child of its' pedal. The result was that the pedals
> work great, but the cables rotate around the same axis (x) as the
> pedals, when they should move in a linear fashion, even though I set
> it up in keyframe. As a lever_stick_l_r, would the connecting strut
> move up and down with the ailerons and not rotate around the same
> axis as the stick?

> Many Thanks;

> Steven D. Myers

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