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Date: Tue Apr 30 12:50:26 2002     Number: 18064
To:   flattop
From: woodside  (John Woodside)
Subj: Re: Rudder Pedals in VC
Status: Public

>Hey guys,
>Just wondering if anyone has successfully used the "lever_pedals_l_r" animation
>tag for rudder pedals in a VC.  I can get the pedals to work with this tag, but
>when viewing the pedals in FS, they show up as horizontal tubes.  In other
>words, my pedal geometry disappears.  I have even tried copying the pedal
>geometry and linking it to the first set of pedals, but this just produces two
>sets of tubes (who'da guessed).  I would ask the wonderful (facetious) folks at
>MS, but I see that they state SDK and Gmax questions are not handled by product
>support.  Anyway...
>I used the rudder tag as a workaround, but the results are less than desirable.

> I have pedals that travel a bit too far into the cockpit or punch through the
>forward bulkhead when the rudder is at it's limits.  I thought I saw a few Gmax
>based aircraft with rudder pedals that didn't appear as the "tubes", and
>wondered if any of my fellow Gmax junkies can shed some light on this issue. 
>If I was building an old biplane or the like, the tubes would probably suffice,
>but they don't fit too well with military jet aircraft.
>Any assistance would be appreciated.

Yes, I have it working fine.

I tried your solution first and hit the same problems - the rudder pedals
travelled to far and punched through the front cockpit seat pan - very
uncomfortable for the pilot!

I tried to use a Dummy for this but I couldn't get it to work at all. Because
the stick is buried into a control box at the bottom of the cockpit I was able
to use an alternative trick:

I created a very small box at the base of the stick and called this
lever_stick_l_r. The stick was labelled lever_stick_fore_aft.

The stick was animated for fore and aft travel and then I animated the box for
left/right travel.

Finally I set both animations to the neutral position (50,50) and linked the
stick to the box.

The controls and control rods I left as separate FS driven animation - but the
whole system still looks as if it is a continuous link.


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