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(Window Shine)

Posted by Milton on Thursday, 1 May 2003, at 10:37 p.m., in response to Re: For Milton, posted by Jorge on Thursday, 1 May 2003, at 6:47 p.m.

Thank you Jorge, :-)

For window shine, I use only specular lighting from gmax that's always been available in gmax 1.0 and 1.1.

I use a gray glass material, 50-70% opacity, then in the Highlights tab, I use a level of 70, glossiness of 92, and ignore soften. That is all you must do.

You can increase the level to higher numbers but 70-90 seems okay depending on the window. For flat windows the effect widens and may require 60-70. More rounded surfaces can take higher numbers.

I have used this technique for a year now beginning on the Dash 7. I also used it on the props and spinners for a nice effect.

I hope this helps.


> Your models are so much.. im still learning a lot of things,
> i will ask you somethings that i still can't do. For example, for
> the front glass.. you don't use a texture, do you?, how you do the
> efect of shine on it ?'

> thanks for great models !!

> Jorge

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