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Posted by Felix/FFDS on Friday, 29 November 2002, at 6:47 a.m., in response to FSDS2 Animation, posted by Olivier on Friday, 29 November 2002, at 6:11 a.m. - Text edited from what appeared in the original Post

(The general principle here applies for combined parts - ruddervators, spoilerons, flaperons ... )

> Hi, the french Guy again...

> My Rutan Long Ez has two vertical wings at the end of the main
> back wing (canard model). Therefore, I have two rudders, one on the
> left side, one on the right side.

> - How do I have to tag them for motion ?

If they were "normal" rudders, you'd name them "rudder" and "rudder.1" (the default choices - you can go rudder_l and rudder_r) but

> Because it is too simple, the rudder are moving outside only.
> When you press the right pedal, it move the right rudder to the right,
> and when you press the left pedal move the left rudder to the left.

> - How do I have to tag them for motion ?

since the rudders aren't "normal" and I don't think you can keyframe default animation parts (the rudder deflection is controlled in the flight dynamics files) I'd tag them lever_pedal_l_r as needed and animate accordingly. You're still going to have to locate a dummy "rudder" part somewhere so the flight dynamics work.

> Because it is too simple, the two rudders are also used as airbrake.
> When you press the two pedals together, they move the two rudders
> outside.

> - How do I have to tag them for motion ?

Once you have your "rudders" working correctly, make a copy of each and name it "r_spoiler" and "l_spoiler" so that they are at the SAME pivot point.

(alternatively. make a tiny box centered at the exact same x,y,z coordinates of the corresponding "lever_pedal_r_l" parts instead of scaling a copy)

Before you scale the parts and link, you may want to make sure that the spoilers work correctly in FS2002.

scale each part to about .01 of its "normal" size, so that it is "hidden" within the rudder part. (omit if you've made the tiny box)

Make the r_spoiler part the parent of your lever_pedal_r and make the l_spoiler part the parent of your lever_pedal_l part.

The idea is that by linking the parts, your "rudders" will work normally (for the Long-EZE), and then will visually work for the spoilers.

> Apology, but next time I will design something more standard.

> Sincerely.

Hope this helps a bit...


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