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Scripts - Handy Tools!!!

Posted by Terry on Saturday, 28 September 2002, at 12:24 p.m.

Hi all,

I mentioned earlier about scripts for Gmax. 99% of them are actually made for various versions of 3DStudio but many of them work fine in GMax (this means others won't!). The ones I have so far found to be handy are:

Reload all Bitmaps - (reloads all the bmps in your scene - you can edit them while gmax is still open and then go back to it and run this script). Change Bitmaps - This will change the bitmap that's assigned to a part with another bitmap - (very handy). Pivot Placer - A handy tool for positioning your pivot point. All above are available from and are some of many within the file

Align Pivot to Vert - Aligns the pivot point to a selected vertex just by the click of a button - (very handy too!). Available from

Nudger - Moves all selected by amounts you can determine. PolyCount - Click on this and it shows the amount of polys and vertices in the selected part. Available from

There are many more available but the following sites are good to keep an eye on:

Hope this helps


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