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The version indicates the earliest version of Flight Simulator the tutorial is applicable. 5.X indicates versions 5.0 through 2000. 98 indicates FS98 through FS2000 and 2K indicates only FS2000. FS Design Studio tutorials will be indicated with a DS. With tutorials the version indicated may be the only version which is applicable.

In the Resources area we list resources submitted by fellow flightsimmers that are used in their various projects. These resources have not been reviewed by, nor are endorsed by, the Freeflight Design Shop. As always, the copyright requirements of the listed publications must be respected by the Flight Sim community.

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Texturing-2K/2K2  |  Modeling-gmax  |  Modeling - FSDS  |  Flight Dynamics
Other:  CFS2  -  AD2000  -  AF99/FSFS

Tutorial Version File Name Size Author(s) Date
Texturing - FS2002/2000
How to Remove the Aircraft Number from Stock Aircraft (FS2000 and FS2002). 2002


Sergio di Fusco


Texture mapping with gmax and Lithunwrap 2002
Link to fsalpha tutorials
LNIK Bruce Edge 07JUN02
Reflective Textures the Easy Way 2002
gMax 200K Lou "Firestriker" Volland 07JUN02
Reflective Textures the Easy Way 2002
web link N/A Lou "Firestriker" Volland 27MAY02
FS2K Fingermouse Repainting tutorial FS2K
WWW page link 103K James Oates 22APR01
Texturing with 512*512 2K 704,512 Pascal Linder 3MAR00
Modeling - gmax
VC Lighting Tutorial gmax 2.0M Bill Laeming 07MAY04
FS9 Animations using XML code gmax
FS9 Animations, the new way using XML code 5k Fraser Turner 07MAY04
3-D Modelling Generic 3D 3D Animation Workshop Web Site ------ 22DEC01
The Stupid Idiots' Guide to gMax gmax link to Gryphon Aviation site link Hugh Shoults 12AUG02
P-38 Tutorial gmax link to Microsoft Site Link discreet 22JUL02
3dWorld FW190
gmax link to link Darren Brooker/
3dWorld magazine
Applying Materials in Gmax and setting their opacity gmax
Link to fsalpha tutorials
1,221K FSAlpha/
B Edge
Setup gmax Firestriker's Scaling in gmax - 1 link Lou Volland 19AUG02
Importing a dxf file gmax Firestriker's Scaling in gmax - 2 link Lou Volland 19AUG02
Calibration gmax Firestriker's Scaling in gmax - 3 link Lou Volland 19AUG02
Resizing gmax Firestriker's Scaling in gmax - 4 link Lou Volland 19AUG02
Positioning gmax Firestriker's Scaling in gmax - 5 link Lou Volland 19AUG02
Cross Section Modelling gmax Firestriker's Tutorials link Lou Volland 09AUG03
Cross Section Modelling gmax Firestriker's Tutorials 470K Lou Volland 04JUL05
Adjusting Landing Lights gmax 134K Milton Shoupe 12AUG02
Getting better gMax backdrops GMAX web link N/A Neuik 12JUN02
Making windows GMAX 118K Milton 07JUN02
Making Windows
Boolean/Shape Merge
gmax 1.21M Bill "Lionheart" 13MAR2006
DVC Tutorial GMAX 821K Chris 29DEC01
Landing Lights GMAX 342K Chris 09DEC01
Partial Animation Sampler GMAX 1098K Lee Rosairo 27NOV01
Making Texture Templates GMAX 480K David Segovia 12APR2002
gMax Texturing Tutorials Part 1 GMAX 291K Milan Lisner 03MAR02
gMax Texturing Tutorials Part 2 GMAX 399K Milan Lisner 03MAR02
Landing Gear-gMax Extra GMAX 27K Chris 15NOV01
Landing Gear-gMax Part 2 GMAX 97K Chris 15NOV01
Landing Gear-gMax Part 1 GMAX 300K Chris 15NOV01
FSDS-GMAX-MDL FSDS/GMAX Fraser Turner's FSDS-GMAX Tutorial 794K Fraser Turner 28FEB02
Modeling - FSDS
Tidying up blueprints FSDS web link N/A Neuik 12JUN02
BGL Interpolating variables MDL Coding 7K M Dyson 16MAY02
VB Tutorials 1-4 FSDS (link) 2,217K Graham 28DEC01
VB Tutorials 5-7 FSDS (link) 3,266K Graham 28DEC01
VB Tutorials 8-10 FSDS (link) 2,998K Graham 28DEC01
How to make an Aircraft with FSDS DS Web link N/A Viking/R Andersen 20AUG00
CCW Props FSDS 249K Daisuke Iga 18SEP01
Making FSDS Landing Lights FSDS zipped file
Viewlet Tutorial
264K Dave Eckert 22APR01
Texturing Basics using Corel DRAW FSDS link to zipped file 2.49M Dave Eckert 03APR01
MAking wires in FSDS FSDS zipped file 264K Dave Eckert 03APR01
WW2 Canopy Tutorial FSDS link to zipped file 1.1M Dave Eckert 03APR01
An FSDS Texture tip FSDS 12KB Cal Booth 20FEB01
So you want to build a Virtual Cockpit? DS/CFS2 DVC_Install.EXE
(self-installing file)
1622K Joe Amodea 18FEB01
SDL Macros FSDS 4,621 Gary Carlson 03JAN01
Multi-Resolution MDL build Tutorial FSDS EXE file link n/a Joe Amodea 18DEC00
Gear wells and flush doors FSDS 648,852 Dave Eckert 21NOV00
Cockpit Tutorial DS 729,088 David Eckert 23JUN00
FSDS Shaping a fuselage DS 423KB Dave Eckert 19AUG00
FSDS Shaping a Wing DS 500KB Dave Eckert 19AUG00
FSDS Control Surface DS 186KB Dave Eckert 19AUG00
Nose Tutorial DS 204,800 Dave Eckert 2JUN00
AF99 afx to fsds
Forum posting in html format
2K af99afxtofsds.htm 8,192 Richard Osborne 07NOV00
Flight Dynamics
FS2K Specific Fuel Consumption Tutorial Flight Dynamics
FS2K_SFC.html   A. Nonymous
Sam Chin
Creating FS2K Style Prop Discs Flight Dynamics
CFS2/FS2K 208K Marcelo Canovas
F Rodriguez translation
CFS2 Stall Report Flight Dynamics
zipped file
several docs
264K Steve Baugh/FFDS 27APR01
Flight Dynamics
Monograph in pdf format
98/2K/CFS 171,037 Tom McGoodrick 05NOV00
FDE Tutorial on Gear Length Problems Flight
fsgears.PDF 103K Sam Chin 20APR01
Air Files 101 5.X 18,308 Rabbijah Guder 9MAY99
Baugh Report on Air Files - Report # 1
Baugh Report on Air Files - Report # 2
Baugh Report #1.txt
Baugh Report #2.txt
Steve Baugh 17OCT99
Setting Jet Transport AIR file Parameters 98
JetAIRfileNotes.txt 9KB Ron Freimuth 27MAR01
Flight Dynamics 5.X 6,309 Bob Seaman 26NOV98
Helo Air Files 98 24,576 Steve Baugh 5DEC99
Other - CFS-2
CFS2 Payloads CFS2 69KB Simon Porter 26FEB01
CFS2 Loadouts CFS2 210KB M Wright/D Iga 18FEB01
Other - AD2000
AD2000 98/2K 1,764KB Herve Devred and Michel Melchior 18FEB01
Other - AF99/FSFS
Building Complex Components AF99 470,280 Dee Waldron 19JAN01
FSFS/AF99 Essays AF99 11,058 Dennis Simanaitis 19JAN01
Animated Spoilerons
Forum posting in html format
AA AnimatedSpoilerons.htm n/a Kerry Gipe 12NOV00
AA Motion Range Table
Forum posting in html format
AA AAMotionRangeTable.htm n/a Felix Rodriguez 07NOV00
Virtual Cockpits and Making AF99 work under the Gun! 98/2K 155,648 Pentti Kurkinen 04NOV00
Making spotlights with PSP 2K Spotlights_with_PSP.txt 2,306 Ron Ackerley  
Painting & Texturing using PSP and a Scanner 5.X 155,648 Richard Osborne 5FEB00
Flight Simulator 98 Basics 98 fsbasics.txt 20,415 Bob Seaman 31JAN98
FS Color Codes 5.X 8,192 Bob Seaman 14AUG99
FS Lessons Learned 5.X 17,264 Bob Seaman 23JAN00
FS Palette 5.X 17,000 Sean Hart 7MAR99
FS98 Keyboard Definition 98 10,039 Al Wheeler 23OCT98
Glue 5.X 3,000 Tom Gibson 7MAR99
Landing Light Definition 98 2,327 Bob Seaman 29SEP98
Night Lighting via SCASM 2K 1,409,024 Pascal Linder 3MAR00
Night Lighting via SCASM 2K af99-nl.html N/A Pascal Linder/
Kevin Trinkle
Night Lighting 2K 696,320 Marco Rensen 22APR00
Shorten Flight Shop Aircraft 5.X 956 Tom Gibson 12SEP987
Kevin's Aircraft Painting Tutorial (AF5) 5.x web link N/A Trinkle 11MAR01
Kevin's Aircraft Painting Tutorial (AF99) 98 web link N/A Trinkle 11MAR01
Repainting Flight Shop Aircraft and File Manipulation 5.X 4,380 Bob Seaman 12SEP98
Static Objects 5.X 8,192 Gary Jones 12SEP99
Transparancies 98 9,602 Matt Garry 11APR99
Transparent Cockpit Windows 98 N/A Alexander Remus 21FEB99

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