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Re: animated spoilerons

Posted by Kerry Gipe on Saturday, 11 November 2000, at 9:11 p.m., in response to animated spoilerons, posted by Matthew Ocwieja on Saturday, 11 November 2000, at 7:04 p.m.

Matt, I am using the following sequence codes for my spoilerons...

( 1-100:+1 )for the right wing spoilerons; ( -100--1:+1;-1-100:0H ) for the left wing spoilerons; ( -100-1A ) for the left wing spoilers, that are associated with the spoilerons; ( -1-100A ) for the right wing spoilers associated with the spoilerons.

What I have done is create 2 identical spoilers for each spoileron. One is tagged as an AA aileron, and one is tagged as an AA spoiler. Now the right wing spoileron that is tagged as an aileron uses the 1-100:+1 sequence code. This causes the spoiler/aileron to only become visable when the ailerons are in the +1 to +100 range. Remember that ailerons are run from -100 to +100 for full travel, with -100 being full left aileron and +100 being full right aileron. So, the right spoiler/ailerons will be invisable except when the controls are first moved to the right, through full right travel. At aileron neutral, and on to the left the right spoileron/ailerons are not shown at all. The left wing aileron/spoilerons use the sequence code -100--1:+1;-1-100:0H, which means that from -100 (full left aileron) through -1 ( minimum left aileron) they are shown as ailerons. then, from neutral through right movement, they are not shown at all. Notice now, that neither spoileron/ ailerons are shown at all when the ailerons are neutral, and each respective one is not shown anytime that the ailerons are moving in the down direction. That is where the second, identical set of spoilers come in, tagged as spoilers in AA and sequence coded as -100-1A or the right side, and -1-100A for the left side. For both of these respective spoilers, the sequence looks at the ailerons ( The A in the sequence) and if the ailerons on that wing are at neural or any amount down, the spoiler will show. As soon as the aileron/spoileron moves up at all, the spoiler vanishes. The net result, is that you have either one or the other of the spoilers visible at all times, either the spoiler or the aileron.This allows your spoilerons to move up with the aileron, and the spoileron to move up with the spoilers. Now, here is the drawback! Let's say that you have the spoilers deployed, and you then enter a turn. The spoilerons on the downward moving wing will retract, then deploy again with more aileron input, while the spoilerons on the upward moving wing will remain deployed. In the real world of aerodynamics, this would have the oposite effect as desired. But, it is a compromise that I have learned to live with. Overall, you still have spoilerons, and you have your spoilers, and the only time that you are not 100% correct is when you have both deployed at the same time. Speaking only for me, that is an acceptable compromise, and I think that when my current project is in the hands of the end users, which I hope to be soon, very vew people will have any problems with it. Hope that this helps you a little bit!


> I just activated the spoilerons on a 737 in the air file, and
> I figured I'd check out whether the spoilers were actually animated.
> What I found was that deflection of the yoke to the left activated
> the spoilerons, but on both sides, while trying to roll right has
> no effect on the visual model spoilerons. It seems that FS takes its
> variable for aileron movement, which must be positive for left and
> negative for right, and multiplies it by the gain, and sends it straight
> to the spoilers, even though the spoilers operate on pos=up, neg=down.

> Does anyone know how to get reasonable movement of the spoilerons?
> Or is this just something we have to put up with?

> Thanks,

> Matt