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The version indicates the earliest version of Flight Simulator the tutorial is applicable.  5.X indicates versions 5.0 through 2000.  98 indicates FS98 through FS2000 and 2K indicates only FS2000.  FS Design Studio tutorials will be indicated with a FSDS.  Flight Dynamics tutorials will be indicated with a Dynamics.  gMax tutorials will be indicated with a GMAX.  Aircraft Animator tutorials will be indicated with AA.  With tutorials the version indicated may be the only version which is applicable.

In this Utilities area we provide customer supplied utilities that are used in their various projects.  These utilities have not been reviewed by, nor are endorsed by, the Freeflight Design Shop.  As always, the copyright requirements of the listed publications must be respected by the Flight Sim community.

Utility Version File Name Size Author(s) Date

Tag Tool 1.0.2

(link to FS Alpha home site . scroll down to "Tag Tool")

gmax TagTool
Description: TagTool version 1.0.2
05/31/2004**UPDATE** TagTool revised to add support for the new MakeMDL. 180 new tags have been added in two new rollouts.
This MAXScript was coded as an aid to help FS aircraft and scenery designers quickly change names on objects in a gmax scene. The tool contains all of the MakeMDL SDK naming conventions used in FS2002 and FS2004. Compatibility Gmax 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2 3D Max 4.2, 5.0, 5.1 & 6.0
FS Alhpa



Pandasoft 3DMax to X file converter 3DSMax Use makemdl directly without going through gmax PANDASOFT 21APR03
MIDDLEMAN GMAX Freeware interface between the gmax exporter and makemdl Chris File 16MAR03
Contact Points Helper Beta 0.1 GMAX gMax Contact Points helper Beta 0.1 allows you to use gMax to visually set your contact points (not just position but also gear compression, etc), static height/pitch, etc and then copy and paste the data to your aircraft.cfg file Finn Neuik 03DEC02
Flight Model Workbook - for piston and turbojet aircraft! Dynamics The Flight Model Workbook can create flight models for single and multi-engine aircraft using either piston engines, turboprop, or turbojet engines. It can create flight models for anything aircraft from WW1 Bi-planes to WW2 jets. This Excel spreadsheet was designed to provide flight model developers with a simple way to generate reasonably accurate AIR files based on the physical characteristics of the aircraft. Just fill in the basic information - weights, dimensions, power ratings, speeds; adjust the propeller efficiency or jet thrust; and then click the output buttons. The utility program AirUpdate, available for download below, is also required. J Beckwith 30NOV03
AirUpdate Utility - an air file editor Dynamics AirUpdate is a simple Windows-based utility program that performs two functions:
1) Dump the contents of an Air File to a formatted text file that can be read, printed, edited, and used to update an Air File.
2) Update an Air File using data declaration statements read from a formatted text file.
35K J Beckwith 30NOV03
Flight Test Gauge Sets Dynamics These Flight Test Gauges are capable of displaying more than 30 different engine and aircraft flight parameters. They can also record flight data to a text file for post-flight analysis. VAR J Beckwith 30NOV03
Need a little help setting contact points? GMAX 7K Mark Dyson 07DEC01
dxf and 3DS import scripts for Gmax GMAX
inlcudes Chris'dxf and 3DS import scripts.
15K Chris Cookson 05.FEB.02
FSDS Link to CVA page for dxf to FSDS and FSDS to dxf plug-ins. n/a Jiri Masnik 20OCT01
FFDS SDL Packer FSDS 44K Louis Sinclair 18SEP01
SDLEdit 2.1 FSDS link to web page n/a Mike Crosthwaite 12APR02
AA Sequence Creator AA 6K Colin Norwood 15JUL01
Excel spreadsheet to create AA Motion Sequences AA 5K Marcelo Canovas
F Rodriguez translation
Sliding Thrust Reverser SDL macros FSDS 3K Ali Mujtba 16APR01
DXF to FSDS converter utility FSDS link to web page n/a Finn Newick 16APR01
SDL Macros FSDS 4.6K Gary Carlson 03JAN01
FS Palette 5.X 17K Sean Hart 7MAR99
FS98 Keyboard Definition 98 10K Al Wheeler 23OCT98
BGL/MDL Compiler 2K 147K Marco Rensen 22APR00

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