Welcome to Freeflight Design Shop!  We are an association of Microsoft® Flight Simulator enthusiasts. Our goal is to help you enhance your flight simming experience by freely providing high quality source design files for the various modelling programs, along with design assistance and help with painting up your projects.

The following individuals are the associates of Freeflight Design Shop:

Bill Alderson:  Freeflight founder, Aircraft designer, painter and president of Cyber Air.
Steve Baugh:  Flight Dynamics specialist
Rob Bennis:  Aircraft designer and painter.
Guy Caron:   Freeflight founder, Aircraft designer, painter and president of Northeast Airlines VA.
Sam Chin:  Flight Dynamics specialist.
Paul Conley:  Freeflight founder, Aircraft textures and tester.
Tom Gibson:  Freeflight founder, Aircraft designer and painter (also a diesel locomotive enthusiast).
Michael Pickney:  Aircraft textures and file updates.
Felix J. Rodriguez
:  Design Consultant and mentor for those entering the design world, and all-around Confusionist.
Frank Safranek: Freeflight founder, Aircraft painter and utility designer.
Bob Seaman:  Technical writer and publicity.
Massimo Taccoli:  European military aircraft designer.
Kevin Trinkle:  Freeflight founder, Aircraft designer and painter.
Glenn Willumsen:  Aircraft designer, and Proud Grandpa!.

Many talented designers have enthusiastically joined this effort, and are generously providing the fruits of their labor in order to promote our goal. We expect that you will properly credit them for their work should you release any reworks and/or paint-ups of the files we provide.  You are, of course, on your honor, but taking credit for another's work will preclude other talented designers from joining us, and soon defeat the purpose of this site.

Should you make improvements to another's design, we ask that you send it back to us so that all visitors to this site can benefit from your work as well!

We cordially invite any and all of the many talented aircraft designers out there to join us!  Also, we welcome your questions and comments!  With your help, we hope to make Freeflight Design Shop the #1 flight simming stop on the web!

DISCLAIMER:  Freeflight Design Shop intends no infringement upon copyrights of any and all designers of files available from this site.  Our files have either been provided by the original designers or have been freely obtained via the World Wide Web.  Should you find one of your files here and wish to have us remove it from this site, please notify us immediately and we will gladly accommodate your request!  Otherwise, thanks for sharing your fine work!

NOTICE:  By downloading any files available from this site you are hereby acknowledging agreement to properly credit the original designer(s) for their efforts should you release any reworks and/or paint-ups of these files. In addition, you agree not to sell, package for sale, or distribute any files found at this site, or alterations thereof, for profit.

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